GL Homes at Boca Muni

We don’t have a name yet but we have a lot more information about the new GL Homes development that will replace the Boca Municipal Golf Course.

GL Homes future development on the Boca Municipal Golf Course is just west of the Turnpike. The last major undeveloped parcels in the area (shaded in purple) are currently farmland but we suspect they’ll be developed sometime in the next 10 years.

The new development, next to the Turnpike and north of Glades Road, will include 564 homes in 5 subdivisions along with a 4-acre clubhouse and recreation area and 11 lakes.

New documents filed earlier this week shed a lot more light on what’s coming. Full details below for paid subscribers.

Composite of two images from GL’s recent filing, showing pods, lakes, and streets.

Four of the subdivisions in what are now called Pods A, B, D, and E, will be all or nearly all zero-lot-line homes. That means they’ll be very close together.

Pod C appears to be the premium subdivision. All homes in Pod C will have larger lots and presumably more expensive homes. The map layout suggests that all or nearly of these will have lake views.

The left side is from the previously approved plan. The new plan is on the right with more homes in Pods A and B, fewer in Pod D, and less lake area. Pod E changed from larger lot sizes to mostly zero lot line homes.

Pods A and B are the two largest and will be up against the Turnpike. Road noise could reduce home values in these sections. Those two and Pod D will all have roughly the same density of about 3.6 homes per acre. Pod E will be more dense with more than 4.2 homes per acre, though there will be 3 homes in the “SF” type that means larger lot sizes. But that’s only 3.

Based on what we see here with so many zero lot line homes, we predict that the new development will be more like GL’s Dakota and Lotus communities than like the higher end Bridges and Seven Bridges.

It is a valuable location closer to the Turnpike, shopping, and restaurants so we expect prices will be higher than Dakota or Lotus.

And of course this will have a substantial negative impact on Glades Road traffic.

Author: Warren Redlich

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