Burglary Week: Crime Report

We have a lawyer arrested for choking his girlfriend and four burglary incidents to report this week along with several more Boca residents in trouble of one sort or another. That guy on the left doesn’t look so good. The three on the right are recent Olympic Heights grads who went on an adventure that went badly.

Anthony Lemarc Anderson (38, East Boca) has the kind of history that makes us wonder why some people are let out of prison. His FDLE history is not a good sign, showing 3 stints in state prison, totaling about 11 years of sentence but serving about 9 years that we can see.

From just Palm Beach County we see cases dating back to 1999, when he was 18. In 2000 he was arrested for felony “strong arm robbery”. That case was dropped by prosecutors. In 2007 he had a case with robbery and aggravated battery, also dropped. In 2012 he was released from a 5 1/2 year prison sentence for selling cocaine.

More recently in 2017 he was arrested in Pompano Beach for attacking his girlfriend, throwing a blender at her which broke apart on a door frame and a shard caused a deep wound in her arm. At the time of arrest he had two other active warrants. For this violent felony with his violent criminal history he got less than 200 days in the county jail.

Now Anderson faces five new counts including burglary, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, criminal mischief and culpable negligence.

In this latest case Anderson is accused of breaking into a house and threatening the family with a knife. The affidavit indicates this arose out of a dispute with a child shared between Anderson and the daughter of the homeowner. It started outside with him grabbing the kid, then mom hitting him with a rock and grabbing the kid back. He bit the kid’s mom in the face, then climbed into the house through a window and threatened her with an 8-inch kitchen knife.

When grandma called the police he ran out and threw a cinder block through the window of a car.

Anderson’s reported address is near the Wayne Barton Center in East Boca.

Christian Reimer, Jalen Padin and Miller Demesmin

Three young men from West Boca found themselves in trouble in Belle Glade.

Christian Reimer (19) of Southwind Lakes, Jalen Padin (20) of Boca Fontana and Miller Demesmin (21) of Sandalfoot Cove were together at an empty building that is or was slated to become a drug treatment center, Passages of Belle Glade. The building is the former Glades General Hospital and may appear to be abandoned.

It’s an odd story. The young men, apparently all Olympic Heights alumni, went to Belle Glade to explore the area and found themselves at this abandoned building. An alarm notified the property manager who called PBSO.

Deputies saw the three on the roof of the building. Palin and Demesmin surrendered while on a roof. Reimer was found in a nearby cane field. All were cooperative, admitting to removing a window from the building and walking around inside. They all face burglary and criminal mischief charges. We see no criminal history for any of them. All have since been released from jail on bond.

Aaron Troy (44) of the Country Park neighborhood off SW 18th was arrested on an “out of county warrant”. We didn’t find anything current in Broward, and nothing at all in Miami-Dade. He had a 2017 drug case in Coral Springs but it looks like his probation was completed. We also see a 1998 drug felony charge in Broward.

Christopher Oakes of Sandalfoot Cove was arrested on an out of county warrant. We didn’t find anything in Broward or Miami-Dade so we’re not sure what this is about.

The same thing happened with Jared Rubin of the Trends neighborhood – arrest on an out of county warrant, with nothing showing in Broward or Miami-Dade.

Jeremy Ehrenthal is back for DUI this time. He was in a June report for robbery. The Queens native was stopped by FHP on I-95 in Jupiter after another driver reported that Ehrenthal was all over the road and had hit a concrete barrier.

He was taken to Jupiter Medical Center and refused a police blood draw while there. He may have a good defense to the case depending on what his hospital blood work shows.

Mary Lou Gonzalez-Delgado (48, East Boca) was arrested at the Delray Target for shoplifting, caught with over $1000 in items she had not paid for.

During the arrest police found 110 pills that were apparently Percocet (a narcotic), for which she could not produce a prescription.

She is charged with trafficking in oxycodone, grand theft, and child neglect since she had her 12-year-old with her at the time.

Hrvoje Posavac (42, East Boca) was arrested for trespassing. He was at the Boca Inn Hotel after having been ordered off the property the day before by Boca PD.

This is another guy who makes us wonder how he’s out.

Born in Croatia, he has a lengthy history in our courts with 24 cases in total including 5 felonies dating back to 2005. His FDLE record shows a 3-year prison sentence combining multiple incidents.

We also see two felony cases for him in Broward.

Mark C. Holmberg (59, East Boca) was arrested for felony domestic battery by strangulation and resisting arrest. It appears he is a collection attorney from the firm Robertson Anschutz & Schneid on Congress Avenue in East Boca.

According to the police affidavit he and his girlfriend had an argument at her home behind Crazy Uncle Mike’s. He grabbed her by the throat and was choking her. She hit him in the head with a coffee pot which shattered, but he continued squeezing until she passed out.

For his part he said she attacked him with a cutting board and he held her in a headlock but did not choke her.

Police found her lying on the floor in her apartment, disoriented with blood all over her, and she had bright red marks on her neck.

Holmberg resisted police efforts to put him in handcuffs. From the description of that he’s lucky they didn’t charge him with felony battery on law enforcement. He’s also lucky he wasn’t charged with attempted murder since he allegedly choked her until she passed out. It’s possible a prosecutor will review the facts and charge him with higher offenses, but not likely.

Holmberg has had over a dozen traffic tickets in local courts including a couple charged as crimes. He became an attorney in Florida in 2004 and has no history of discipline.

Author: Warren Redlich

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