Cocaine Village: Drug Case in Century Village

We have over a dozen incidents to report involving West Boca residents, including a Century Village resident accused of selling cocaine. Boca Del Mar had a few incidents along with Sandalfoot Cove and Mission Bay.

68-year-old Albert Cox was arrested after he sold powder cocaine on two occasions to an undercover PBSO investigator. One sale took place at the Publix Greenwise near Town Center Mall, and other in the Westwinds plaza, somewhere near Home Depot).

In both transactions Cox charged $60 for 0.8 grams of powder cocaine. The transactions were in late February and early March. Cox was arrested on August 8th.

We don’t see much criminal history for Cox. In 1999 he had an aggravated assault charge in Broward. He lived in the Sonata subdivision of Mission Bay at the time. He currently lives in the Mansfield section of Century Village in West Boca.

Yvena Beauzieux (25) and Leslie Cetoute (27) were arrested following execution of a search warrant at their apartment in Boca Arbor Club, Boca Del Mar. This was a joint operation with PBSO and BSO working together, following up on a “large trafficking arrest one week prior.”

The search revealed substantial quantities of a variety of drugs including heroin, marijuna, crack cocaine, alprazolam (Xanax), and oxycodone. They also found large bundles of cash.

Both were released on bond. Cetoute had an outstanding warrant for a reckless driving case from 2015, and has to deal with that now as well. Heis also facing a first degree felony in Broward, which goes nicely with his significant criminal history including time in state prison.

Beauzieux also has some criminal history but not as extensive.

Delray PD arrested Fabrizio Valenzuela Oddone (22) for DUI. The Boca Colony (Boca Del Mar) resident was stopped at 3:45 am – nothing good happens after 2 am.

It’s not clear if the officer had a valid basis for the stop, but it sounds like he found him before the stop asleep at the Cut 432 restaurant and put him in a Lyft to take him home. Oddone then got out of the Lyft and into his car, possibly with the officer watching.

At the station Oddone blew 0.147 and 0.160. Those results are close enough to be allowed in court, but far apart enough to make us wonder if the machine was working properly.

We see no priors for Oddone.

Pedro Cardoso (28) of Sandalfoot Cove had his second felony drug arrest of the year. We previously wrote about his unfair arrest in June. In this incident Cardoso was sitting in his car in an apartment complex in West Boynton when a deputy sheriff approached and saw bags of drugs inside the car. He was arrested and charged with possession of heroin and cocaine.

Olympic Heights student Linwoolse Silin (18) of the Sandalfoot Boulevard Condos was arrested for grand theft of a vehicle, possession of a stolen firearm and illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

A witness at Town Center Mall called police after overhearing Silin and another man bragging about stealing cars. Boca PD arrived identified a Kia Soul in the parking lot that matched the witness’ description and the key Silin was wearing on a lanyard on his neck. It was reported stolen from Delray. During the arrest police also found Silin was carrying an Argentinian 9mm handgun that had been reported stolen from Broward.

An Argentinian “Hi-Power” 9mm handgun.

We see no other criminal history for Silin. He had 3 minor traffic tickets in November of 2018. The other man, Stanley Jean (18) from East Delray and Atlantic High, was also arrested under similar circumstances for a Honda Civic reported stolen from Broward.

Hannah Tippett (18) of Boca Arbor Club in Boca Del Mar was arrested after what appears to have been a minor dispute with her boyfriend. Despite a fresh scratch on his arm and hand, he did not want her arrested or prosecuted, but Boca PD arrested her anyway.

The incident apparently happened in East Boca. The boyfriend is reportedly a resident of Boca Lyons Estates in West Boca.

Benjamin Bieber (28) of East Boca was arrested for leaving the scene of a personal injury acccident in Boynton Beach. According to police he ran a red light while driving his motorcycle and collided with a car. The car’s driver went to the hospital. He called police later and told them where he was.

There’s an odd mistake in the report indicating he was arrested on Linton in Delray, rather than a Boynton Publix as indicated. That probably isn’t enough for a defense to the case but you never know.

We see no significant criminal history for him. He might be involved in mortgage lending.

James Van Dyke (58) of Watergate Estates was arrested on a warrants from Broward County after he failed to appear on a trespassing charge from one incident and a municipal ordinance violation from another incident.

We reported on a felony arrest for Van Dyke in May of this year.

Alison Archer (44) was arrested in Palm Beach Gardens for DUI. The resident of Arium Apartments in Central Boca was stopped after 2 am. Remember – nothing good happens after 2 am. She registered 0.18 on two breath tests, more than double the legal limit.

We see no prior criminal history for Ms. Archer, other than some traffic and parking tickets.

21-year-old Alexander Livingston of East Boca was arrested for stealing his mother’s car. He has an extensive history of over 20 court cases including felonies in 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Craig Barnes (32) was arrested for felony domestic battery by strangulation. His girlfriend told Boca PD that he grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kill her and her dog.

Barnes was arrested in 2018 in a domestic violence case and was sentenced to 198 days in jail. He was also arrested in 2017 for felony battery on a pregnant victim – the same girlfriend. He got 14 days on that one.

Maybe he’s not the one?

Author: Warren Redlich

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