4 April-May Crime Incidents

We cover 4 incidents in our latest report, mostly east of the Turnpike, from the end of April and early May.

Alexander Reiner (25, East Boca) was arrested for DUI, possession of Xanax, and driving while suspended, all in an after-midnight encounter on Federal Highway in Delray Beach.

Nothing good happens after midnight.

Reiner’s reported address is in Fairfields off Military Trail near Boca Center. We see multiple priors in the courts for this Manhattan native, especially for driving while suspended.

Delray PD responded to a 911 call from a concerned driver. The officer observed Reiner’s vehicle “fail to maintain lane on several occasions.”

Reiner admitted to taking Xanax a few hours earlier. He registered 0.000 on breath alcohol testing – it’s not clear why this was done. It’s also not clear that Xanax impairs driving, so Reiner might have a good defense on some issues in his case.

Ann Gewirtz (79), a resident of the Palmetto Circle area east of Powerline, was arrested for trespassing.

Gewirtz was found by a deputy at the Shell gas station (Powerline and Palmetto Circle). She had previously been ordered not to enter the property.

We see a similar case for her in March, and multiple priors.

Bradford Goetz (52, Boca Del Mar) was arrested for DUI. It appears he was parked in the parking lot of the Banyan Place assisted living facility near Palm Beach State and JC Mitchell Elementary.

You can be found guilty of DUI while sitting in a parked car, but it’s a tougher sell for prosecutors to make to a jury. In this case it appears the engine was not even running, though the keys were in the ignition and the AC was blowing.

Police documents describe Goetz as angry and uncooperative, and he refused all testing. It does appear he made some statements that could be incriminating – that he had been driving.

We see a few traffic tickets in his past and a repeat domestic violence case from 2007.

Sandalfoot Cove’s Donna Hansen (60 years old) was arrested for felony domestic battery on a person over 65. Deputies found her intoxicated in her home.

The affidavit indicates that she attacked her husband, slapping him multiple times in the face. He pushed her in self-defense and she fell back on her head.

Court records indicate she has had multiple DUI convictions including one from a 2017 crash.

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