Early May Crime Report 2

Five more crimes from early May in this crime report. Issues in Boca Isles South, Arborwood, Watergate Estates, San Marco Apartments, and East Boca.

Pro tip: Don’t grab someone’s phone.

Giuseppe Cumano (56, East Boca) confronted a neighbor and it didn’t go well for him. They had some previous issue in a local dog park.

The victim took out her phone to call 911. Cumano grabbed her phone and threw it, causing damage to the phone. He was charged for robbery with sudden snatching and tampering with or harassing a witness.

His wife was also a witness. We see no significant prior criminal history.

John Crist (24, San Marco Apartments of Polo Club) faces charges of grand theft and simple domestic battery. He grabbed his girlfriend’s phone from her because he didn’t want her to talk with her friend.

Crist did state prison time for a 2016 robbery.

Joseph Muldrew (40, Watergate Estates) was stopped by a deputy after he ran the stop sign coming out of Cumberland Farms onto 441. The deputy noticed a crack pipe when he was looking into the car.

After getting the occupants out of the car the deputy then found crack cocaine inside Muldrew’s sock.

He was charged for possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia (the crack pipe). Muldrew had felony cases in 2013 and 2005.

Marcos Salas (35, Arborwood) faces charges for possession of Xanax with intent to sell (over 700 individual tabs or 15 grams). Possession of cocaine 2 grams, methamphetamine 1 gram, and 1 gram of marijuana.

He was found in car in Boynton Beach, parked in a parking lot allegedly sleeping. Some of the details of this traffic stop could be dubious and an aggressive defense lawyer might get a good result. It doesn’t sound like the deputy observed any crime being committed, nor had any information that would support a welfare check.

A drug test was done with an eye toward filing a DUI charge but none has been filed yet. Firearms were found in the vehicle. We’re not sure why there was a delay but yesterday Salas was arrested again and charged with felon in possession of a firearm.

The police report indicates Salas has 5 previous felony convictions. We see no prison record with FDLE. We do see 5 previous felony arrests in the county.

Vincent Joseph DeSanctis (51, Boca Isles South) was charged for domestic battery against his wife and son.

He allegedly screamed at his son, lunged at him and grabbed him, according to the son. They wrestled in kitchen. The son escaped and the father went outside.

A neighbor drove to ask if everything was okay and DeSanctis threatened him with colorful language:

Get the fuck out of here before I take my dick out and shove it up your ass.

The wife went out to calm him. He pushed her to the ground. The daughter was also a witness. Only the son was willing to sign a statement.

Mr. DeSanctis has a prior domestic battery case.

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