Wild Ride: Mid-May Crime Report

Four incidents in our latest crime report including one at Home Depot and another at Target. One involves a Southwind Lakes resident and another involves a young woman who lives off Judge Winikoff.

Jose Iglesias (58, southeast Boca) and two other family members (Manuel Perez Iglesias and Lazaro Abel Frias) stole a relative’s Toyota Corolla. They attacked multiple younger family members, sometimes with weapons including construction marble and metal piping. $30k in damages were caused to the car as well.

One of their nieces would have been attacked if it wasn’t for her husband who stepped in front of her to protect her. The Toyota also hit a Ford Mustang and a Chevy Camaro causing $10,000 damage to the Camaro and $30,000 to the Mustang. An additional 10k in damages to fence and bushes. I believe there is an open warrant for the other attackers.

This group of middle-aged had a somewhat similar incident we covered in December. Mr. Iglesias now faces those earlier felony charges and the newer charges for felony aggravated battery and more. We don’t see any prior criminal cases for him and we still don’t know what the motivation is for all of this.

Brittany Pryce (21, Shady Pond – Sleepy Brook off Winikoff) was arrested for scheming to defraud her now former employer, Home Depot in Westwinds of Boca.

She allegedly scanned some items as a cashier and then voided them. Two separate transactions totaling $282.98 stolen from Home Depot. She was caught through video surveillance. It appears she would conduct the transaction, void some of the items, and allow the customer to walk out with items that were not paid for.

The customer(s) was not identified.

The felony charge has been dropped to a misdemeanor. We see no other priors for her.

Christian Correa (23, East Boca) was charged with fleeing and eluding, resisting w/o violence, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, fail to stop steady red (twice), reckless driving, no license, and an expired decal.

Don’t know what the paraphernalia was other than the dollar bill. He attempted to drive away and run from cops, and told police he did so because he was just released from jail and didn’t want to go back. Offense and arrest were on Dixie Highway.

Correa has had six felony arrests from 2013 to 2019. We’ll see if seven is a lucky number.

In another retail theft story, Cody Saggese (28, Southwind Lakes – American Homes) was charged with stealing from the West Boca Target in two separate incidents.

He allegedly put items in the cart and left without paying twice in early May, stealing a total of nearly $1400. In the first incident, surveillance cameras showed a man wearing a black mask hiding a Dyson vacuum under other merchandise and leaving the store without paying for it.

A few days later he allegedly stole 3 infant baby monitors. An investigator was able to trace the SUV to its owner, who identified Saggese.

Saggese appeared in our crime reports twice last year in March for stealing from Dick’s Sporting Goods and in June for battery on his mother.

Author: Warren Redlich

Warren Redlich is a real estate agent and an attorney. He focuses on selling homes in West Boca Raton. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645. Warren is also a tech YouTuber covering Tesla, SpaceX and more. His YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/c/WarrenRedlich/ and he sells Elon Musk related t-shirts and other merchadise at https://ElonBits.com. Warren also publishes videos about politics at https://warrenredlich.locals.com/