Crime Report: Sandalfoot Cove – Late May

A trio from Sandalfoot Cove dealt with accusations of assault with a deadly pair of scissors, stealing FedEx packages, and drunken necklace choking.

Emanna Johnson (24) was arrested after witnesses reported she was chasing her boyfriend with scissors during an argument. She and the boyfriend both denied the accusation, but she was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Born in Georgia, Johnson appears to be registered to vote in Miami. We see no prior cases for her.

Juan Aquino-Castellanos (25) allegedly greeted a FedEx deliveryman in front of the victim’s apartment. He pretended to be the recipient. The FedEx man handed over the packages and then asked for ID.

Aquino-Castellanos ran away. A witness recognized him and said which apartment he lived in.

Deputies investigated thoroughly. They determined what was in the stolen packages and found that the suspect had listed them for sale on websites just a few hours after the theft.

In the course of their investigation they determined that Aquino had used the victim’s credit card without his permission.

Aquino was charged with felony dealing in stolen property.

Prosecutors dropped the charges without explanation. Aquino had a drug felony arrest in 2012 that was also dropped.

Tara Labbato (42) allegedly got drunk and kept waking up her husband over a period of a few hours. Eventually he got up and found a nearly empty bottle of vodka. He told deputies she wasn’t supposed to be drinking because of a DCF (Department of Children and Families) case.

He started to pour it into the sink when Labbato grabbed his necklace from behind and pulled hard. He got free and went to the bedroom to call 911.

She chased him in, fell down, and began kicking him.

Ms. Labbato has two priors that we see from 2019 and 2007. In a small world moment, her husband appears to be friends with the victim of Mr. Aquino, above.

Author: Warren Redlich

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