Serious Accident on Glades?

Update: We have identified the motorcyclist who was seriously injured in this accident. See details and pictures at the bottom of the story. He appears to have survived and is currently (November 15th) in a room at Delray Medical Center.


UPDATE (5 pm): We spoke with the Sheriff’s “Media Relations” office. They mostly confirmed the details we had, though they could not be definitive. The motorcycle was traveling westbound and the car came out of a side street. They said the accident occurred at 3:30 pm (time confirmed by a resident). The motorcyclist was taken to Delray Medical Center. No information on the rider’s condition was available.

As of 4:25 pm Glades Road was closed westbound at Judge Winikoff Road, in front of Island Lakes. Eastbound traffic was also slowed. This is reminiscent of last month’s accident at Glades and Ponderosa.
It looked like a very serious accident with a yellow motorcycle on the ground, a car with multiple airbags deployed, and the Sheriff’s vehicle homicide investigation unit on scene with several other marked vehicles and officers.
Additional photos below. We will update when we get more information.




We can only guess from what we saw but it appeared that the car was making a left turn coming out of Island Lakes onto Glades to go eastbound, and the motorcycle was traveling westbound on Glades.


Update: Motorcylist Identified
West Boca News has determined that the motorcyclist involved in the accident was Jayson Acevedo. His Facebook cover photo shows him on a motorcycle remarkably similar to the one we saw on the roadway today.

We also found some tweets from relatives and friends identifying him. His own normally active Twitter page has been quiet since a few hours before the accident occurred.

West Boca News extends our best wishes to Mr. Acevedo and his family.

Weekend DUI Arrests

barnesIt was a relatively quiet weekend (and week) for West Boca DUI arrests. But there were a couple of DUIs.
Matthew Lee Barnes (age 54) was arrested early Sunday morning by the Florida Highway Patrol, and released before noon the same day. His reported address is south of SW 18th Street between the Turnpike and Powerline (across from Boca Pointe).
We were not able to find any more information about him.
Jonathan Scheidell (30) was also arrested early Sunday morning, by the Boca Raton municipal police. Scheidell’s listed address is in the Meadow Lakes gated community just west of 441 across from Marina Blvd (SW 18th).
Our research indicates that Mr. Scheidell is a high tech employee at a large company based in Boca Raton and he also has significant connections to the US military and federal law enforcement.

Weekend Crime Report

richardsIt was a quiet crime weekend in West Boca with only one arrest showing up on our typical search.
Wendell Richards (24 years old) was arrested early Sunday morning (or late Saturday night) and charged with a minor trespassing charge. He’s also accused of a questionable offense we’ve seen before – resisting an officer without violence.
Mr. Richards’ reported address is an apartment just southeast of the intersection of 441 and SW 3rd Street. A brief search did not reveal any more information about him. He was released on recognizance barely two hours after his arrest.
vasquezWe did also find an arrest from Monday, and only one. Mr. Boris Vasquez (42) was arrested in the evening and released shortly after midnight. He’s charged with simple battery. The reported address is actually quite close to the one for Mr. Richards, but north of SW 3rd.

Arrests During the Week

latchmanThe Sheriff reports arresting Dwarka Latchman on just after midnight Tuesday (i.e. Monday night) for battery and released early Wednesday morning. His reported address is just south of Palmetto across from Loggers Run Park.
Latchman plays bass for Dimensionz, a party band of mostly Caribbean-born musicians of mostly South Asian descent. They play Chutney, Soca, Hindi Film, Reggae and Pop selections.
latchman2He also has a car for hire business called DL Transport Services, registered with the county.
Next up is Frank DeBrino, a preacher who wrote a book in 2008 called The Way Maker (a Street Called Straight).
debrinoFrank DeBrino was born in Bronx, NY in 1954 … served as an altar boy for 8 years …. He played basketball and baseball with the Philadelphia Phillies baseball school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and some football …. He also attended Fairleigh Dickinson College …. However, after his ordeal [with addiction for 30 years], Frank chose a life of servitude to the Lord who saved him. He now spends his time equipping and teaching others who may be trapped in the seemingly never-ending cycle of drug addiction.
The book asserts a connection to the Church of All Nations in East Boca, but we can’t find any evidence of that. DeBrino is charged with battery on someone over the age of 65 and felony battery. His reported address is in Raspberry Park, which is off the loop around West Boca Medical Center.
DeBrino was arrested early Tuesday and released just after noon.
supranWidely reported was the arrest of chiropractor Matthew Charles Supran, who apparently lost his mind while watching a youth hockey game and attacked a kid.
Supran’s reported address is in Newport Bay Club (really central Boca), but the media have  reported him as living in West Boca.  We don’t see any public statement from Supran on his Twitter page, nor on his blog.
akivaSteven Akiva was arrested Thursday morning and released Friday afternoon. He’s charged with dealing in stolen property and some violation of a pawnbroking law. These look like charges that are often difficult to prove and we suspect Mr. Akiva may get a favorable result.
From our research, Akiva is a 2003 graduate of Olympic Heights High School and Sandpiper Shores Elementary, as well as a Miami Heat fan. His address appears to be his parents’ home in Sandcastle Cove in the Lakes, just north of Yamato off of Cain. The family may have a painting business but the corporate records filed with SunBiz are inconsistent.
Update: This article had a surge of traffic in early February. It appears that Mr. Akiva passed away in early February, per this obituary.
gribbenAndrew Gribben was arrested Thursday morning and released Friday afternoon on what is listed as a fairly low level larceny charge. He was probably held for more than 24 hours because of a “failure to appear” though we can’t see what charges he’s failed to appear for. He has had a few cases in the Palm Beach County courts over the past 10 years or so.
His reported address is in the Island Lakes neighborhood north of Glades at Judge Winikoff, in a home that appears to be owned by his parents. As with Mr. Akiva, a charge like this may be tough for the prosecution and they’re often resolved favorably, though Mr. Gribben’s record won’t help.

Traffic Incident at Glades and 441?

–Update – A reader comments (at bottom) that it appeared to be “radar traffic control”, i.e. a speed trap.–
We received a report from a local resident about a traffic incident at Glades and 441 from this morning:
This morning, Thursday, October 24, there were tons of Sheriffs Motorcycle deputies about – at Glades and 441, there was one motorcycle deputy who pulled over a car and they were in the last driveway going into the Mission Bay Plaza from 441 before hitting Glades.
Then there were two motorcycle deputies who pulled over a lady on 441 Southbound on the side of the road after the Mission Bay driveway and right before Glades. She appeared to be Hispanic, but I don’t know. When waiting at the light, I saw one of the deputies ask her to get out of her car and for her to lean against the trunk.
I was watching the whole thing, and it didn’t look as though she felt intimidated or threatened. It seemed as though she was having an amiable conversation with one of them. As I drove away, it saw one of the deputies look inside of her open drivers window. It looked as though it is possible that he reached his hand in, but I cannot say for certain as I was too far away by then (and I was looking through the rear view mirror).
And there was a 3rd pull over, a motorcycle deputy pulled a car over in the Publix/Home Depot parking lot driveway across the street on the northbound side of 441.

We did a quick review of the sheriff’s blotter and don’t see anything that appears to be related. If we find out anything more we will post an update. And of course, if any of our readers know something, please let us know, by Facebook comment or message, a comment on this article, or an e-mail to