Fire in Boca Dunes Condo

Update: If we understand correctly, two occupants suffered minor burns.
Black smoke poured out of a Boca Dunes condo earlier this afternoon. We learned of the incident from readers and from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue on Twitter.
As best we understand it, this incident occurred in one of the condo buildings on the west side of Lyons Road near SW 8th Street, south of Palmetto Park Road.

Readers sent us several images including the one at the top of this article. Here are a few of the Fire Rescue team in action:
A couple of readers sent us pictures of the scene from other angles:
Fire Rescue posted a close-up of the aftermath of the fire on Twitter:
As best we can tell there were no serious injuries from this incident. We haven’t seen any reports suggesting otherwise. Fire Rescue was ready with a stretcher:
We know our readers appreciate the quick and thorough response from the Fire Rescue team. We do too.

Lightning Hits Boca Falls House

A house in Boca Falls was hit earlier today by lightning, bringing out both neighbors and Palm Beach Fire Rescue. We popped over to the Mystic Bay subdivision to take a few pictures.
We counted at least six vehicles from Fire Rescue including two SUVs and four trucks. There may have been two additional trucks as well. One fireman was working on the roof, possibly looking to see if the lightning had caused anything under the tiles to ignite or smolder.
The team also worked inside the garage:
This is the third incident we’ve heard about in the past few months of lightning hitting houses in Boca Falls, a community with roughly 720 homes.
Neighbors definitely appreciated the response from county.

House Fire in Trends at Boca Raton

Thanks to a reader tip and photo, we learned that there is or was a house fire in the Trends neighborhood in Sandalfoot Cove. Above you can see the report from Palm Beach Fire Rescue on Twitter.

The reader who alerted us to the incident also sent this photo:
Another reader says: “Abandoned house fire … possibly started by squatters”
He also sent this photo:
That reader advised, and we confirmed, that the house at 23068 Old Inlet Bridge Drive is abandoned. It was taken over by the homeowners association about a year ago.

Fire in Lakes at Boca Raton

County Fire Rescue reports a fire on Pebble Cove Lane. That’s in Lakes at Boca Raton north of Yamato and west of Cain Blvd.

And we just received an update that the fire was found to be in a laundry area and is now out.
Residents in the area may experience some traffic delays due to fire trucks. Please give them room to do their work.