Hotwire Communications Fails Again

-Update- as of approximately 9:10 am the Internet appears to be working again.

Boca Falls residents awoke this morning to a complete failure of the Hotwire Communications system. A neighbor first reported this to me earlier.
In our house both Internet and phone are down. The phone was misleading at first because we do get a dial tone but calls do not connect.
We had DirecTV reinstalled yesterday so we can’t see any television problems ourselves.
I tried calling customer service using my cell phone, but gave up after 10 minutes on hold.

Boca Falls – Monuments

The Boca Falls HOA had a meeting tonight to consider a “special assessment” to fund new monuments for the development. The monuments stand at the entrance to each subdivision within the community. A picture of the proposed monument is below:

The board and the landscape committee have been looking at this idea for about four years. The proposal is to assess each home $250 for the project.
The meeting was well attended with about thirty people. The video below shows an early part. A few more people showed up afterward.
Boca Falls HOA Meeting
Members of the audience expressed concern. Some seemed angry, both due to the difficult economy, and due to what seems like a large expense.
Several spoke up in favor, saying that $250 is a small amount. Others felt that the total project cost ($734,000) works out to $1000 per home, most of which comes out of the budget or reserves.
There are 5 houses in foreclosures and a total of 40-45 that are in some legal status. These are more likely not to pay the assessment and that was factored in.
Some of the audience didn’t understand that many decisions were made over the course of four years and residents had an opportunity to comment at many meetings along the way.
The sense of the board appears to be that the monuments and associated landscaping need to be redone to preserve or restore the community’s status as the premiere neighborhood in West Boca.
I have to say that even though I personally disagree with the decision, the board obviously put a lot of time and effort into this and appear to be doing what the community wants.

Hotwire Communications Problems Continue in Boca Falls

Update: For the latest, see: Hotwire Communications Fails
Update: As of May 4th, Hotwire says they upgraded the equipment. Read more at Hotwire Update.
Update: it is now May 2nd and the problems continue. I have been told it should be fixed by tomorrow morning.

Update: As of April 30th, it appears that the problems have been fixed, at least for the moment. I spoke with a Hotwire manager who indicated they had a hardware problem with their system here in Boca (possibly also affecting the nearby Boca Woods development) and it was resolved this morning. The TV service in our house is now working well. Let’s hope that continues.
We previously reported on problems residents have been having with Hotwire Communications in Boca Falls. We are having these problems ourselves and are hearing from more neighbors that they are having problems too. Below is a 30-second video showing the glitches we are seeing.

This is after Hotwire came and rewired the house, and after rebooting the box.
Some neighbors have told us they’re having these problems and are unhappy. Others have said it’s not much different from the poor quality they had with Comcast. We had switched to DirecTV after one month of Comcast and it was much better than this. The service we had from Time Warner Cable in Albany, before we moved here, was also much better.
Here’s another video: Hotwire Communications – More
Also, you can see many negative reviews at Yelp.

Power Outage in Boca Falls

Update – the power was restored after about one hour, though FPL trucks continued working long after.

There’s a power outage at the moment in Boca Falls. We don’t yet know the extent of the outage – how much more of West Boca is affected. There are FPL trucks in Boca Falls. Traffic lights appear to be down on Glades west of Diego Drive, but working there and to the east.