Flooding and Fire; But No Famine or Pestilence Yet

Via Palm Beach Fire Rescue we have a report of flooding in southern parts of the county (see above). However, we were just out in areas around 441 from Palmetto Park Road down into Coconut Creek and did not see any significant floods. There was some standing water in front of Logger’s Run Middle School and on Ponderosa by the gas station, but we’ve seen much worse at those locations. We did not see any other problems.
It may be worse as you go east. A reader sent us this shot from near Palmetto and Powerline:
Also we saw a report of a garage fire:
San Germain Avenue is north of Palmetto Park Road and west of Powerline, not too far from Del Prado Elementary School.

Big storm coming to West Boca?

Watch out folks. There’s a thunderstorm warning for pretty much all of southeast Florida. Check out more details on the WunderMap.
It might miss us, but it looks like it’ll hit us by 6 pm if not sooner. Stay safe everyone!
Some of our local high school kids can look frightening from time to time, but this storm might be a little scarier.