Paul Maimon Arrested Again: Slashes Neighbor?

Sandalfoot Cove resident Paul Maimon (26) returns to our pages, this time accused of “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.” The arrest was Tuesday. Per the Sun-Sentinel his neighbor and alleged victim reportedly suffered two long slash marks, from 11-15 inches long, after Maimon stabbed him with a key. We’re not sure that meets the standard for a deadly weapon.
Update: We received a “tweet” indicating that the weapon used was a razor from a box-cutter, rather than a key, requiring 100 staples in a 3-hour surgery.
Maimon was in West Boca News in March for aggravated assault against his father. That charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and is pending on a “plea and pass” agreement which might lead to the charge being dropped. The new charge may abort that sweetheart deal. Mr. Maimon also had a battery charge in 2012 that was dropped through a pre-trial intervention program.
Some residents may wonder how many chances a violent criminal should get. It seems odd to us that he would be able to get a “plea and pass” agreement on the 2014 felony after already getting off another violent incident.
Mr. Maimon remains in custody at this writing.

Aggravated Battery at Town Center's Blue Martini

Just short of his 26th birthday (which is today), Hugo Bretas was arrested for two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. From court and police records it appears that this incident occurred at the Blue Martini lounge.

Martinis & champagne accompany a global tapas menu, live music & daily specials at this upscale bar.

Mr. Bretas was mentioned in a 2008 article about a fatal shooting, though he does not appear to have been involved in that crime.
Court records show that there were multiple victims now protected by a court order:
We think Bretas is an Olympic Heights graduate but are unable to confirm this.