New Cell Tower? Yamato at Boca Shores

A reader tipped us off to a new cell tower being deployed inside the Kimberly Substation on the north end of South County Regional Park. The tower is up with equipment to follow.
A few work trucks were scattered around the intersection in front of Boca Shores and the park’s Yamato exit.

Here’s a panorama view looking south from the Boca Shores entrance:

And this shot, also from the Boca Shores side, shoes a couple workers and a small utility area marked off.

Our tipster was curious which cell phone company might be involved. We asked but no one there could tell us. However, one if the guys had an AT&T logo on his shirt. Maybe that’s just a coincidence.
The Kimberly Substation is one of those critical pieces of infrastructure that most of tend not to notice.

But of course, those looking for a secluded place to drink some beers and then discard the refuse know it’s there.