Crazy Fire in Brazilian Shooting Range

Brazilian military police faced a sudden raging inferno during routine shotgun shooting practice on November 23rd. Two videos recently appeared on YouTube (below) showing the moments before and during the fire ignited in the floor in front of one of the officers.

First is a camera angle from the left side of the range:

The fire appears to start on the floor in front of the shooter on the far left. It seems a spark from one of his rounds dropped into a crack in the material on the floor, causing something to start burning. In just two seconds the fire expands to fill the room, then retracts momentarily, and expands further.

This is another angle from the back of the room. The timing is not synced and in this video the fire starts at 1:25.

At 1:31 in that video the fire seems to have moved from the flooring to the walls.

The agency involved is unclear but the word RONDAC appears clearly on the back of one uniform, which is military police in Brazil. One of the videos indicates this is from the city of Belém, which is the capital of the state of Pará in northern Brazil.

Image and map data from Google Maps.

Both sources indicate that no one was injured in this incident, but we have not been able to find any reliable source to verify the full details of the incident.

Since we have a lot of Brazilians living in West Boca Raton, Florida, we thought this story might be of interest to our readers.