Pei Wei Progress, Smoothie King, and Fashion Scoop: New Stores and Restaurants

We’re seeing progress on new stores. We previously reported that Pei Wei is coming to Glades and 441 (the new building in the Home Depot plaza). We weren’t sure before but we are now. The store sign is up and they’re busy on the inside getting it ready.
We still think it’s at least a month away but this is real progress. None of the other spaces in the new building are anywhere close to this.

Next up we just learned that a Smoothie King will open in Mission Bay Plaza. This came on us fast. It opens tomorrow morning. The menu is focused on healthy smoothies, with categories including Fitness, Slim, and Wellness, along with some other options. Most of them start at $5 or so with large ones (40 oz) approaching $9.
There was some activity inside but we couldn’t get in or get a good picture of the inside. Grand opening with ribbon cutting will be tomorrow around noon.

We’ve also reported on a new organic market, 4th Generation, coming to Boca Lyons Plaza. They seem to be behind schedule and we don’t see much progress inside.
–Update: A reader tells us 4th Generation expects to open in August.–
However, there is a new place opening next door, Fashion Scoop. A sign on the door indicates they’re hiring experienced retail staff.

Ace's Barber Opening in Boca Lyons Plaza

We’ve been alerted to a new barber shop opening in Boca Lyons Plaza. Ace’s Barber Co. will be in the section facing Glades Road, near Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza, Clouds of Vapor, and Carvel.
Boca Lyons Plaza is on the southwest corner of Glades and Lyons:

Below are some pictures of the place.
We’re told they’re hoping to take “the barbershop experience to a new level.”

Organic Market Coming to Boca Lyons Plaza

4th Generation Market and Cafe is working on opening a new store in Boca Lyons Plaza. We noticed a couple signs up today so we stopped by and took a look. It’s where the Ethan Allen store used to be, next to Utopia Bagel and not far from Shen’s Peking.

This will be their second location (that we know of). The first is near Royal Palm Place, south of Palmetto Park Road near Federal Highway. That apparently opened in 2009. It’s a family business that dates back in various forms over 100 years.

4th Generation Organic Market … caters to vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodies. We offer Organic Grocery, Produce and Prepared Food, including organic meats and seafood dishes ….

For now it looks like they won’t be opening soon. We got a glimpse of the inside and they have a long way to go.