Brooklyn Water Bagel: Review

We reported yesterday that Brooklyn Water Bagel is open in West Boca with photos of the exterior and interior. We had a lot of positive feedback from readers. Today we went back for lunch.
The short story: We liked it. My wife (and co-founder of West Boca News) is from Long Island. She’s picky about bagels. Brooklyn Water Bagels won her over. Their bagels taste good and have the right texture and hardness on the outside.
She had the cheese omelette along with a plain bagel and butter. Nothing fancy, but plain is the best test of bagel quality.
I had “The Manhattan” sandwich with nova salmon, cream cheese and tomato and red onion, and I had it on an everything bagel. Above you can see a pretty good closeup on the bagel. Here’s a close-up on the sandwich:
I would have liked it with more salmon and a little less cream cheese, but it was still good and for $8.49 it was reasonably priced.
One other interesting feature is the “coffee bar”. If you order a coffee there are several flavors and creams you can add to it. Here’s a shot of the flavors:
For more photos see our previous article: Brooklyn Water Bagel – West Boca – Photos
Brooklyn Water Bagel is on the southwest corner of Powerline and Palmetto, behind the Olive Garden and next to the kosher market. It is not kosher.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Opens Monday, May 12th

We received a press release from Brooklyn Water Bagel that their new West Boca location will open on Monday, May 12th. We previously wrote about them when we noticed they were working on it: Brooklyn Water Bagel Coming to West Boca.
Some key details from the press release and follow-up e-mails:
1. Located at 22191 Powerline Road – It’s behind the Olive Garden in what used to be a Hurricane Grill. When we looked on Google Maps it shows in the “elbow” of the plaza when it’s actually at the end.
2. Hours are from 6 am to 3 pm. They’re open early for breakfast and they serve lunch too, but no dinner.
3. It is next to a kosher market, and there are a lot of Jews living nearby who keep kosher. Readers asked us and we asked them about it. Here’s their answer:

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is not kosher.

Note that there is already a kosher bagel place just to the north: Boca Kosher Bagel on Powerline.
4. They’re big on bagel sandwiches. We have friends who rave about them and we’re eager to give them a try.
5. They’re also big on their iced coffee. That’s not something we’re into, but we know a lot of people who do like it.