The West Boca Tornado – Photos

Update – A reader sent us a video of the tornado:

Several readers sent us photos of yesterday’s tornado in West Boca. We’ve assembled the best of them here. The picture at top is taken from Cain Boulevard (runs west of 441 from Boca Chase down to Glades).
It is our normal practice to keep readers anonymous when they submit tips or photos to us, unless they request credit or to be identified. None of them asked so for now they’re anonymous.
Here’s a shot from Mission Bay:
From South County Regional Park:
The image quality isn’t great, but this one was from near West Boca High looking over the Everglades:
The next two had no location identified:
From Saturnia Isles:
And here’s our favorite. We like it because the sign seems odd in the context of the tornado:
A couple readers sent us videos but we weren’t able to get them to work. Hopefully they’ll resend them to

9-Foot Gator In Lakes at Boca Raton

A reader sent us a photo of an alligator taken out of one of the lakes in the Lakes at Boca Raton development, just north of Yamato off of Cain Blvd.
The red oval on the map below shows the location, near the basketball courts and the clubhouse.
We’ve also pasted an interactive map from Google, below.

While it looks large to us, full grown alligators can reach 13 feet or longer.
The reader submitted the photo to us via our West Boca News Facebook page.
Update: Another reader posted photos of the gator swimming in the lake some time before this incident.

Accident at Glades & Cain

Update: More reader photos at bottom.
Thanks to a couple of our favorite readers, we have photos of an accident that just happened at Glades and Cain Blvd (west of 441). These photos are from about 10 minutes ago.
We are seeing some delays, particularly for westbound traffic on Glades.
There’s a substantial amount of debris in the roadway, and it appears the airbags deployed on at least one of the vehicles.
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is on scene.
Another reader sent us some pictures: