WPTV Misleads on Chipotle

Chipotle at 441 and Glades; image by Google
Chipotle at 441 and Glades; image by Google

We heard from a couple of friends that WPTV did a report on local Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants. A neighbor told us the report specifically mentioned the Chipotle in Westwinds of Boca at 441 and Glades Road. We were surprised because we don’t remember seeing any bad inspections in our reports.
Something is definitely going on. We just did a Google search for the article and a “Dirty Dining” article is still in Google’s “index” and shows up on searches:
Chipotle search result for WPTV on Google
Chipotle search result for WPTV on Google

But the “url” for the site now causes a “404 error” – the article appears to have been removed.
In working on our latest restaurant inspection report, we noticed that the Chipotle near Town Center (north side of Glades Road at Butts) had an excellent inspection with only one minor violation. There are three that serve West Boca – the one on Glades near Town Center; the one in Westwinds at Glades and 441, and one on the south side of Palmetto Park Road near Powerline. All three of them have had consistently good inspection reports going back as far as the state website goes for them.
Unfortunately we can’t see the original WPTV story because it has been taken down. We can’t evaluate the story thoroughly.
But it appears from what we’ve been told by friends that WPTV misled the viewing public about Chipotle, at least in regard to any reference they made to the ones in West Boca. If inspections matter to you, Chipotle is a good place to eat.

Please note that we do not eat at Chipotle. We know others like it but their food is not to our taste. We prefer Lime Fresh in Shadowood and before that opened we went to Tijuana Flats in Mission Bay.

Chipotle Delivery?

Image from Google
Chipotle in Westwinds of Boca; Image from Google

The Chipotle chain of restaurants is testing delivery, as reported by the New York Times, USA Today and others.
So far this is going on only in major cities. Cost will range from $4.99 up to $7.99 depending on distance. They’re working with a company called Postmates, which currently has delivery in only three places in Florida, all in Miami-Dade.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.47.23 PM
They will apparently make sure they are going to use the best eld devices to track their drivers hours like they do with their food suppliers to make sure they aren’t driving for too long.

We called our local Chipotle in Westwinds of Boca on 441 just south of Glades Road. Their manager was aware of the test. She said it’s not here yet and she did not have any more information.