New Comedy Theatre in West Boca: Boca Black Box

Conspicuously hidden behind the Dunkin’ Donuts on Glades Road (just west of the Turnpike, near the International Jewelers Exchange), is a new space for comedy, theatre, comedy theatre and more. Boca Black Box fills a space that had been empty for a while, and at some point years ago was a comedy club. There’s a new vision for the place driven by the partners behind it, especially Randy Singer.

Scott Levine and Randy Singer
Two of the partners, Scott Levine and Randy Singer

As local media we were invited to attend an event that included a local comedian named Sarge.
Sarge had the audience laughing hard and often. His material ranged from the deli counter at Publix to the chairs in the theater (allegedly harvested from a DMV office that closed in Deerfield Beach).
The chairs were actually comfortable and laid out well so every seat has a good view. It’s a big room, with chairs in the back elevated a bit. There’s also a bar area in the back serving various drinks, though no food.
At this particular event there was some food provided, from Jimmy the Greek and Armadillo Cafe, both in the same plaza. If you’re going to a show here these restaurants would be a good place to eat beforehand.
We look forward to more coming at Boca Black Box. This month they have 11 events scheduled and we imagine it will get busier as they grow and develop their shtick.

Sick Puppies Offers Improv for All

Improv in West Boca? We didn’t know about it but word got around to us. It all happens in an office building at the west end of Camino Real, on the west side of Powerline south of Palmetto Park Road.

Sick Puppies Comedy does both shows and classes. It’s worth going to a show if you’re interested, but the real bread and butter is their improv classes. One commentator described how improv classes help him in everyday life.

Casey Casperson (right)
Casey Casperson (right)

Casey Casperson is the founder and director of the troupe. We saw a show last week and he reminded us of both Bill Murray and Jim Belushi with his presence and humor. Before the show started he explained that there are improv groups all over South Florida, and two other groups came that night to perform with them.
It looks like a great group of people. Everyone had a good time. If you want to see a show it’s inexpensive and worthwhile. If you want to try something different, try a class.
If you want to see an example of a show there, see below:

And Casperson’s stand up is here: