Corner Bakery Cafe Near Town Center

All photos copyright Warren Redlich 2016; free to share if you credit West Boca News.
All photos copyright Warren Redlich 2016; free to share if you credit West Boca News.

Corner Bakery Cafe is a nice little spot just east of Town Center Mall on the south side of Glades Road. If you’re familiar with Panera, it’s similar in style but it’s a step up in atmosphere and quality.
Image and map data by Google
Image and map data by Google

We were invited to try out some dishes there and as usual we liked it. Their most popular item is the Chicken Pomodori sandwich (they call them Panini). Here are a couple pictures, from above and inside the sandwich:
The Chopped Salad was huge, fresh and delicious. They had me at bacon.
Please note that although the salad was very good at the time, it doesn’t keep for long if you bring it home. That’s a problem with any dish that has fresh tomatoes. We brought most of this home and ate it that night, and it was still okay but it would not have been any good the next morning.
The Cuban Press sandwich, on the other hand, was still good the next morning when I ate the second half of it. This is not a traditional Cuban but I liked it better. Both the cheese and the ham seemed to be a better grade than what I’ve had in Cuban places in Miami. The bread was also excellent.
We also got a “trio” of sides including hummus, cavatappi pasta salad, and Southwest Avocado. The avocado was our favorite.
There’s a lot of room inside for dining, and a few tables outside as well.
We also understand that they like doing fundraisers for local schools and groups, especially at dinner time.
Corner Bakery Cafe is at 2240 NW 19th St, Boca Raton, FL 33431.