Body Found Hanging Near Logger's Run: Possible Suicide

Multiple readers reported to us about a serious incident near Logger’s Run Middle School. Around 4:30 pm we started hearing about a substantial police presence at the intersection of Palmetto Park Road and Ponderosa. Those reports indicated as many as twelve PBSO cars, a crime scene van, and a fire truck.
Police were seen talking to numerous people on the side of the road, including school kids.
Multiple sources have indicated that a body was found hanging on a nature trail on the northeast corner of the intersection. Initially we heard that it was a “kid” but we are now getting more sources indicating that the individual found was a male, age 21.
We have made multiple efforts to get answers from the Sheriff but we haven’t gotten any response. It’s likely that they’re trying to inform next of kin before making any public statement.
Update: PBSO informs us that this was a suicide.
Most of our sources indicate this appears to be a suicide, and that the hanging was done with a dog leash.

Update: Initially we reported the missing dogs might be related. It now appears they were not.
It may or may not be related, but we were notified by a reader that she found two loose dogs in Country Landings III, which is about a mile north of the location.