Update on Dead Body in Park: Photos & Video

WARNING: Some of the photos may be unpleasant or offensive to some readers.


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The Yamato Road entrance to South County Regional Park was effectively closed Wednesday around noon for over an hour after a dead body was found. Sheriff’s deputies and investigators surrounded the area with crime scene tape.

Many people are asking – We do not know the name of the victim and we do not expect PBSO to tell us.

The body was found on the east side of the road in front of a black car. You can see detectives near the body on the right side of the photo below.
The next photo shows the scene before the minivan arrived. The body was in front of the black sedan which we believe was his car.
At the time we were first notified about the incident, we did not know what the cause of death was. We arrived on the scene and notified the public of the situation by posting this video on our Facebook page:

Later we learned that the investigators determined it was a suicide. We do not normally report on suicides, but when it blocks a road or otherwise creates a scene and disturbance in the general public, we feel it is our duty to follow up and inform our readers as to what happened.

Body was found where the red pin is marked on the map, just north of the ball field, south of Yamato Road, and not far from Sunrise Park Elementary. Image and map data by Google.
Body was found where the red pin is marked on the map, just north of the ball field, south of Yamato Road, and not far from Sunrise Park Elementary. Image and map data by Google.

We also had an unpleasant encounter with Detective Amanda Pfeifle who did not like us taking pictures. She abused her power, expanding the crime scene tape to interfere with journalism. It didn’t work.

For the commenters who claim I was interfering with the investigation, that’s nonsense. I was far away, staying out of the way, taking pictures. They did absolutely ZERO investigation inside the area of the expanded crime scene after they moved me. I was on the scene until they starting taking the tape down. Detective Pfeifle did this only to interfere with a journalist. They had no reason to stop doing their jobs to bother me. Police abuse of journalists is a longstanding problem in the US, documented extensively by Photography is Not a Crime.

After a subsequent and somewhat more polite request from Detective Brian Allison, we held off on publishing this article for 24 hours to allow next of kin to be notified.
Now at this point, we must remind you again:

The photos below may be particularly disturbing or offensive to some. If you think that might be you, stop now. Do not read any further.

PBSO investigators and other staff working on the scene, with the body on the ground beyond them.
The body was removed by staff in the minivan mentioned earlier.

It gets worse. Again, do not scroll down if these might bother or offend you. We have blurred certain features.

The body was in front of what appears to be a fairly new black sedan, possibly an Infiniti Q50. Update – A reader tells us it is a first generation Hyundai Genesis (years 2009-2014).
And these are closer shots showing the body.
And the following photos were sent to us by Juliette Falcone, who was on the scene before we were.

Photo by Juliette Falcone
Photo by Juliette Falcone

Photo by Juliette Falcone
Photo by Juliette Falcone

Body Identified

PBSO has identified the dead body found as “Vanessa Carmen Williams Bristol.”

The victim has been identified as Vanessa Carmen Williams Bristol, DOB: 3/22/87 for Margate. We do not believe the homicide occurred where she was found.

West Boca News reported Sunday that the body was found near Delray Marketplace. We still don’t have a lot more information. PBSO indicates that Ms. Bristol is from Margate, though we found a voter registration for her in North Miami Beach, along with other addresses in Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, and Lauderdale Lakes.
We believe this is her in these photos:
Our earlier report indicated she was “white or Hispanic.” The voter registration we found indicates Hispanic. However the woman we’ve found appears to be African-American.
If any of our readers have information, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-4587-TIPS.
Ms. Williams-Bristol was married to Joseph Radclif Bristol by the Broward County Clerk in 2010. We see five felony cases for Mr. Bristol from 2007 to 2014. The charges included burglary, grand theft, domestic strangulation, and child abuse.
Note: Below we updated that Mr. Bristol called. While it wasn’t a pleasant conversation, based on the fact that he called, we doubt he was involved in her death.
Update: The Sun-Sentinel reports that an arrest has been made – John Eugene Chapman.
Court records show a dissolution of the Bristol marriage in 2013, effectively a divorce:
We have asked PBSO if Mr. Bristol is a suspect or has been ruled out as a suspect. We have not heard back yet. However, in light of the update, it appears he has been cleared.
Mr. Bristol has a YouTube channel including this video about Adrian Peterson and beating your children:

Update: We received an angry phone call from someone who purported to be Joseph Bristol (and sounded like the guy in the video). He threatened to sue us and/or have his lawyer call us. We attempted to have a conversation but he just kept threatening to sue us if we didn’t remove the facts about him from the article. We don’t remove facts just because someone doesn’t like them.
The conversation did confirm that the body found was his ex-wife. And our strong hunch is that if he were involved in her death, he wouldn’t have called.

Dead Body Found Near Delray Marketplace

Update from PBSO: “The victim is an unidentified white or Hispanic female, possibly in her 20’s. An autopsy will be performed today.”

The Palm Beach Sheriff reports that a female dead body was found on the 14000 block of Smith-Sundy Road, about a mile north and a little west of Delray Marketplace.

The location is about a half mile east of US 441, and about a half mile north of the northeast corner of the Four Seasons community (formerly Tivoli Isles). The area is mostly farmland.

Smith-Sundy Road, looking southbound at the 14000 block. Image: Google.
Smith-Sundy Road, looking southbound at the 14000 block. Image: Google.

So far PBSO is not releasing much information. We will update if and when we learn more.
They do say there appears to have been “foul play.” inn other words this looks like a homicide investigation.

Desperate in Sandalfoot: PBSO Going Door-to-Door

Update from PBSO on June 11, 2015:

On Sunday, June 8, 2014, shortly after 10:00pm, Susan Roberts drove away from St. Mary’s Medical Center, where she was employed in the pharmacy. Roberts was driving her beige 2009 Lexus GX350 sport utility vehicle en route to her home in unincorporated Boca Raton
On Monday, June 9, 2014, at 3:47pm, Roberts was discovered deceased inside her vehicle in the Watergate Mobile Home Park on Sandalfoot Boulevard, also in unincorporated Boca Raton. It is believed that Roberts may have been in unincorporated Boca Raton when the crime occurred.

In the wake of the dead body found in a Lexus in West Sandalfoot, we’ve had reports from a couple readers that Sheriff’s deputies are going door-to-door to see if they can get more information. One reader from a business in West Boca Square (the Target plaza) said deputies came by asking if they could put up flyers like the one above.
Another reader contacted us yesterday:

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department were going door-to-door this morning in the Watergate Estates neighborhood, handing out flyers and asking anyone with any information or to report anything unusual that they may have observed to Crimestoppers. The one main area of interest seemed to be on Sandalfoot Blvd, West of 441 and N. Branch Road. The PBSO detectives were additionally recording names and telephone numbers of the residents they made contact with directly.

The location described refers to a fairly short stretch of SW Sandalfoot:

Since the initial report PBSO identified the body as Susan Roberts of Lexington Estates. To our knowledge the Sheriff has not provided any more details, such as the cause of death, mechanism of injury (if any), etc. We are inquiring to see if they will provide such details.
The area along SW Sandalfoot, west of 441, is commonly referred to as the Sandalfoot trailers. Residents also refer to it as Watergate Estates. We think West Sandalfoot might be a good name for it as well, since the area east of 441 is known as Sandalfoot Cove.