Spanish River Grad Robs Sandalfoot Home

David Martinez (23) was arrested Wednesday night by deputies in Sandalfoot. He’s accused of robbery by home invasion with a weapon, and also possession of drug equipment.
Mr. Martinez remains in custody on $50,000 bond. Per the Sun-Sentinel, he and another unknown man went into a home on the far west end of West Sandalfoot (Watergate Estates aka the Sandalfoot Trailers) and attacked a cancer patient, holding a knife to the victim’s throat and stealing his morphine.
Martinez had a case in Palm Beach County only two months ago with felony drug charges, which was dropped by prosecutors. In 2013 he had a misdemeanor In 2008 he had a felony robbery case which was resolved with a plea of guilty and time served (we’re not sure how much time, but it was much less than a year).
The Sheriff reports Martinez’ address in Coral Springs, but the Sun-Sentinel describes him as a West Boca man. He appears to be a Spanish River graduate, and offers a cautionary tale about the problems you face when you get felonies on your record:
Of course all arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.

10 Arrests for Early July

As always, those arrested are innocent until proven guilty.
We have ten (Update: two removed so now eight) arrests to report for early July. First up is “JL Bosarge” (top left, 54) whose address is listed as “At Large” (in other words, homeless) in Boca Raton and was arrested by PBSO deputies, charged with a county ordinance violation for open container. Mr. Bosarge was booked Wednesday morning and released Thursday evening. The blotter shows his release as for “time served” which suggests he pled guilty to whatever it was. The court docket does not reflect that, however. We see some prior history including a felony arrest back in 2002 and a few other cases.
Top center is Francine Jackson (49), accused of grand theft. Boca PD’s blotter indicates it was a retail theft. Her reported address is in Century Village. Booked on Tuesday, she has not been released yet. Bond is set at $3K. Ms. Jackson has a few cases in the system including felonies from 2011 and 2013. She pled guilty to dealing in stolen property in the 2013 case and did a short jail sentence along with probation, which is probably ongoing. The 2011 case was a grand theft, dropped to petit theft and then dropped completely.
Bottom left is Douglas Gallop (39), charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm. His reported address is in Tudor Woods just west of the Sandalfoot trailers. Arrested Tuesday, he was released Wednesday evening. It’s an odd battery case because the offense date is back in early May.
Monique Baz (bottom center, 23) was arrested for battery on Friday and released the next day. Her reported address is in Arbor Oaks, just north of West Boca Medical Center. The courts have it as a domestic incident. We see no priors.
West Palm Beach police arrested Matthew Hanyecz (bottom right, 26) on Thursday and he’s charged with grand theft, fraud, and dealing in stolen property. The police blotter indicates this arises out of an incident reported to them a couple days earlier at a home on Dock Street just north of Belvedere near I-95. Court records say the offense actually occurred in early June. Hanyecz is a West Boca High grad. Court records show drug trafficking and grand theft charges from 2007 that led to a 3-year prison sentence.
Mr. Hanyecz may still have an interest in marijuana and/or other drugs.

Paul Tedaldi (left, 58), a new resident of Island Lakes, was arrested Friday for battery and released about 24 hours later on $1000 bond. It’s being treated as a domestic incident.
Robert Hanson (2nd from right, 49) was arrested late Tuesday for robbery and battery on a person over 65. His reported address is in the Sandalfoot trailers and brings up an almost artistic view on Google Street View:
Per the Palm Beach Post, Hanson asked an older friend for $6, and then:

took the man’s belongings, removed the man’s pants … hitting him in the back of the head multiple times, throwing him to the ground and stepping on his neck, cutting off airflow.

Mr. Hanson has not been released yet. Court records show an aggravated battery with a deadly weapon back in 1997 for which he got 3 days in jail; a 2002 burglary charge that was dropped; a 2007 battery on a police officer that was reduced with little or no consequences; a 2008 domestic battery that was dropped; and some traffic cases.
Last in this report is Jose Sousa (right, 45), arrested late Friday or possibly early Saturday for DUI. His reported address is in Sandalfoot Cove, just southeast of the soon-to-open Walmart.

5 Drug Cases for Arrest Week

We fell a bit behind in our arrest reports so we’re catching up.
Please remember that all arrestees are innocent until proven guilty, and also that the crime rate in West Boca is actually low.
Allen Massarella (far left, 24) was arrested early Saturday morning by Boca PD for possession of marijuana and drug equipment. His reported address is near Clint Moore and Military Trail and he’s worked at some West Boca restaurants. He just might be a fan of classic cars.
Mr. Massarella is fresh off a smaller marijuana case in March, and he appears to have had two previous marijuana cases in the county that were both dropped.
Simon King (far right, 28) was booked early on Monday the 12th by PBSO deputies accused of selling heroin. Apparently that’s illegal now.
Mr. King’s reported address is in the San Marco at Broken Sound community and he appears to work as a bartender in an area country club. Our research suggests he is a native of Ireland. We see no previous cases for him.
David Martinez (2nd from left, 23) was booked Tuesday morning for possession of drugs and drug equipment. He has no reported address but rather is listed as homeless with the zip code 33428. Unlike the first two, he remains in custody on $2000 bond.
Martinez had a felony robbery arrest and conviction in 2008, and an indecent exposure charge in 2013. Our research indicates he’s a Spanish River grad, which we’re sure will prompt a lively response from that crowd.
Katherine Knill (center, 34) was arrested Tuesday on one count of drug possession and several counts of possessing drug equipment, and released the same day. Her reported address is off Markham Way near the far western end of Sandalfoot.
Ms. Knill was arrested in 2012 and adjudicated guilty of forgery and possession of paraphernalia.
Matthew MacCubbin (18, center-right), with the same reported address as Ms. Knill, was arrested at about the same time and accused of possessing a small amount of marijuana and drug equipment. He was also released the same day.
MacCubbin, a senior at West Boca High with no prior history, may have had some issues living at home shortly before this arrest:
Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.12.19 PM
On the bright side, some girls seem to like him enough to pose with him:

Some faces obscured in response to a polite request.
Some faces obscured in response to a polite request.

Big Arrest in Home Explosion

Sheriff’s deputies have made an arrest in the Sandalfoot Cove home explosion case.
agudelo-drugs-explosionEduardo Antonio Agudelo, age 34 and a native of Colombia, was arrested Tuesday afternoon and is being held on $18,000 bond. He’s been charged with what appears to be four felony counts:
1. Arson
2. Possession of over 20 grams of marijuana
3. Marijuana producing
4. Renting a property knowingly used for manufacturing illegal drugs
West Boca News has obtained two probable cause affidavits from the case, and researched Mr. Agudelo’s arrest history as well.

Of course we remind our readers that arrestees are innocent until proven guilty, and also that despite our crime coverage, West Boca has a lower crime rate than East Boca and much lower than the county as a whole.

In Palm Beach County, Mr. Agudelo has 10 cases listed though they appear to be from 6 incidents including 3 traffic stops. Aside from those, in 2006 he was arrested for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. That case was dropped by prosecutors.
In 2007 he was charged with felony marijuana possession and was sentenced to 18 months probation along with community service and nearly $500 in “fees.” Now he’s producing his own marijuana! The reports don’t disclose whether or not he was actually selling the marijuana he was growing, but if he was, he’d probably would’ve been using some seed to sale software so he could keep track of his expenses and his stock.

He also has had a few traffic tickets in Broward but we don’t see anything criminal there. We do see a history in Miami-Dade as well:
That shows four counts from 1998. Most were dropped, but the felony burglary and grand theft charges were resolved with probation and “adjudication withheld.”
He was arrested by the sheriff and booked the same day. From the arrest report, it appears that Mr. Agudelo voluntarily appeared at the Sheriff’s office on Gun Club Road in West Palm Beach. His “first appearance” was scheduled for this morning at 9 am but we do not have an update on what happened yet.
The affidavits show that the vehicle parked in front of the house was registered in Mr. Agudelo’s name along with a woman at an address in Miami-Dade County.
They also found substantial “correspondence” between Mr. Agudelo and a different woman [name omitted] (25) who has had a couple traffic cases in Broward County. She might be one of the women pictured in this photo, but we can’t be sure. We found it at a blog titled [woman’s name omitted – link broken].
We see a possible connection between the two associated with North Bay Village, an island between Miami and Miami Beach along the JFK Causeway.
The police affidavit indicates that a neighbor’s surveillance video shows Mr. Agudelo on the scene shortly after the explosion along with an as-yet unidentified woman. It’s lucky the neighbor was in possession of a camera similar to that of My Animal Command’s – Solar Trail Cameras For Security and Surveillance otherwise Mr. Agudelo may have never been arrested and tried.
On review of the affidavits, the arson charge looks like a stretch. Here’s what the investigating officer wrote:
As written it seems like he’s trying to squeeze an accident into an intentional arson. However the statute, section 806.01, includes damage resulting from commission of any felony, so the intent may refer to the other felonies charged. We still think it’s a weak arson case.
It may also be difficult to prove a connection between Agudelo and the other criminal acts. The police claim video puts him at the scene but we don’t know how clear that video is, and there does not appear to be any evidence showing what he did, if anything, inside the house.
Do they have enough for probable cause? Sure, that looks pretty clear. But proving his guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? That’s not going to be easy unless something else happens.
One other bit from all of this. There are two separate arrest reports. For some reason they have two arrests, one for the arson and another for the other three charges. In one arrest report they list his occupation as “unknown.”
Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.10.45 PM
And in the other a different officer listed Agudelo’s occupation as “drug producer.”
Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.10.12 PM
Now that’s a cop with a sense of humor.