3 Arrests in Sandalfoot SWAT Raid

Readers reported a SWAT raid on a “drug house” in the West Sandalfoot trailers (Watergate Estates) on Friday night, with approximately ten PBSO cars and two armored SWAT trucks involved. Reviewing the PBSO blotter we see three arrests that fit with this incident.
Hassan Jones (left, 42) and Terry Utter (center, 59) were booked shortly after midnight, each with the same reported address on Atlantic Circle, which is near the west end of Sandalfoot Blvd where it meets Tradewind.
Jones faces two drug charges, including felony drug possession with intent to sell. Utter is charged with two felony drug possession counts (cocaine and another drug without a prescription) and one misdemeanor count for possession of drug equipment.
Antonio Francula (right, 25) was arrested within minutes of the other two, also on drug charges as well as resisting an officer without violence. Francula’s reported address is in East Boca, in the city, but the arresting agency is PBSO which does not operate in the city. Considering that and the timing, there’s a substantial chance he was part of this incident. But we can’t be sure at this point.
As far as criminal history goes, this appears to be Jones’ sixth felony arrest. He’s had four other cases in this county dating back to 1998, and traffic felony in Broward from 2012 (along with five prior minor criminal charges there). The 1998 case was a grand theft and he got probation. In 2003 he got 30 days in jail on felony drug charges. In 2011 he did a short county jail stint on a misdemeanor drug charge. In 2012 he got four months for two grand theft felonies.
Utter had a felony drug arrest in 2012 that was dropped by prosecutors. She then had a felony cocaine arrest in 2013 and was sentenced to a day in jail that she had already served.
County records show Francula had a 2008 robbery felony and he completed his probation for that in 2012. Then in 2013 he was arrested for a misdemeanor retail theft and paid a fine (no jail sentence). A few months later he had another misdemeanor theft charge and got 4 days jail time. This one’s a doozy – he was supposed to get 30 days but it was mitigated to 4 days because he showed up on time for his last court date without being arrested. Earlier this month he was arrested for burglarizing a car and that case is still pending.
Jones and Utter were released Saturday evening. Francula remains in custody at this writing.

Robbery Arrest: Jonathan Larkin

At the young age of 29, Jonathan Larkin has managed to accumulate more than his share of cases in the South Florida courts. Most recently Mr. Larkin was arrested Sunday night on a robbery charge, and he remains in custody at this writing.
Larkin’s reported address is in the Holiday City subdivision of Palmetto Pines, north of Judge Winikoff near Keystone Street.
His court history is stunning, with a total of well over 40 cases between Palm Beach and Broward counties including both criminal and traffic. Leaving out the small stuff, this is what we found:
2003 – Felony drug charges
2005 – Misdemeanor drug case
2006 – Felony drug charges
2007 – Battery charge dropped by prosecutors
2008 – Felony drug charges dropped by prosecutors
2008 – Misdemeanor drug charges
2008 – Drug felony (Broward)
2009 – Felony driving with suspended license
2010 – Felony drug charges dropped by prosecutors
2010 – Felony drug charges dropped by prosecutors (again)
2010 – Misdemeanor drug charges
2010 – Battery charge dropped by prosecutors
2010 – Misdemeanor drug charge
2010 – Misdemeanor retail theft dropped by prosecutors
2010 – Misdemeanor theft (Broward)
2010 – Felony theft (Broward)
2010 – Misdemeanor driving without license (Broward)
2011 – Drug felony (Broward)
2011 – Drug misdemeanor (Broward)
2013 – Drug misdemeanor
July 2014 – Drug misdemeanor
And now we see a felony robbery charge. We can’t see all the sentencing details but despite his extensive record it appears that Mr. Larkin faced little or no jail time on any of these cases.
A quick browse of the friends list on Larkin’s Facebook page showed at least 10 people we’ve seen arrested in the past. This reflects a disturbing criminal subculture in Boca Raton. Our so-called criminal justice system is teaching them that they will get away with it.
West Boca News believes the drug war is a failure. Most of Mr. Larkin’s cases are for things that should not be subject to criminal prosecution. But battery, theft, robbery, and driving with a suspended license are real crimes that should be punished. If we stop wasting police, prosecutor, and judge time on things that shouldn’t be illegal, we would have the resources to hold criminals accountable when they commit real crimes.

Drug Arrests in West Sandalfoot

We have two notable drug arrests to report from West Sandalfoot (aka Watergate Estates or the Sandalfoot trailers).
David Crance (left, 46) was arrested Tuesday and charged with three counts of selling opiates near a restricted area (typically near a school). Mr. Crance previously appeared in West Boca News in January and in April, both times on drug charges. He was released on bond Wednesday evening.
Dawn Smith (right, 44) was arrested around the same time. She’s facing four counts of selling cocaine. Like Mr. Crance, her reported address is three doors down on the same street. While we missed covering it in West Boca News, Ms. Smith was arrested in January on drug charges which are still pending. She remains in custody.

Drzewucki Arrested: Drugs, Battery, Kidnapping, Tampering

Back in May we mentioned Alexander Drzewucki (46) in one of our arrest stories. He’d been picked up on a warrant from Broward County.
Well, Friday he was arrested on various charges in Palm Beach County. It’s quite a list:

Drug Equipment
Drug Possession
Domestic Battery by Strangulation
Kidnapping or False Imprisonment
Tampering in a Felony Proceeding
Probation Violation

His reported address is in Sandalfoot Cove (east of 441). Court records show a substantial history for Mr. Drzewucki including multiple felony cases in Palm Beach County and a couple in Broward, one of which is still pending.
Sheriff’s records show he remains in custody at this writing.

Kandiss Sells Coke?

kandisswilliamsKandiss Williams (45) was arrested Friday, accused of selling cocaine on two separate days in February and March. Police say these alleged transactions took place within 1000 feet of a protected zone (schools and day care centers, for example) and that increases the severity of the charge.
Ms. Williams’ reported address is in Sandalfoot Cove north of SW 3rd between 441 and Lyons. She had a felony cocaine sale conviction from a 2011 arrest She got just short of 30 days in county jail along with 3 years probation and her probation may still be active. She also had felony grand theft charges in Broward back in 2003.

To respond to comments claiming we didn’t verify our information, here are images from the Palm Beach court website about her prior felony case:
Felony Conviction
And from Broward:
And here is an image from the present cases:
Cocaine sale

We should also add, as our regular readers know, that we oppose the drug war. Prohibition has been failing for many decades. What Ms. Williams is accused of doing should not be a crime.
And we should have mentioned that the delay between the alleged transactions and the arrest often suggests a problem for the prosecution.