Sandalfoot Cove Home Sales 2018

Sandalfoot Cove is one of a few “census designated places” in West Boca, and has its own Wikipedia page.

Sandalfoot Cove; image and map data by Google.

Single Family Homes

Single family homes had the largest number of transactions and of course the highest prices. 77 houses sold in the first half of 2018 (through June 29th). Only one sold under $200,000 and it was listed as a “handyman special.”

Boca Rio Heights dominated the high end with the top five prices including two houses selling over $500K and three more over $400K, all on Martella.

22491 Martella Avenue sold for $560,000 in only 6 days with 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and 2400 square feet on a cul de sac lot. Image by Google.

One other house, in Trends, broke the $400K line with 23131 Sunfield Drive selling for $415,000. Over $350K we see one more home in Trends, one in Boca Trace, and two in Crescent Lakes. There were a few other transactions in Crescent Lakes, which is a hidden gem.

Crescent Lakes entrance; image by Google.
23180 Bentley Place in Trends sold for $317,000 with only 1230 square feet.

There was a bunch of transactions right around $300,000 with 11 homes selling from $298K to $302K including Country Park, Boca Barwood and various sections of unspecified Sandalfoot Cove. Another 22 houses sold from $250K to $295K. 12 more sold under $250K with several of those in Country Park as well.

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Townhomes and Villas

For homes listed in the MLS as townhomes or villas we see 61 transactions. On the map we see three clusters.

One large townhome in Addison Lakes sold for $320,000, the only one over $275K. Three sold in River Oaks and Royal Woods in the low 270s. Only 16 townhomes sold for less than $200,000. Four units sold for under $150K, three of them in Village Green.

The categorization of homes (condo, townhome, villa, and even single family) can be misleading. We see several homes in the data that are incorrectly listed in the wrong categories, and did our best to correct for those errors.


72 homes listed as condos in the MLS sold, all west of Lyons Road. Communities include Boca Barwood, Edgewood, Isle of Sandalfoot, Boca Cove and more. The highest prices were in Royal Woods selling as high as $250,000, but these look more like townhomes. The vast majority of sales were for prices below $180,000. Eleven condos sold for under $100K. The lowest prices were three condos in Sandalfoot South selling for under $80,000.

Mobile Homes

There’s a small section of mobile homes in Sandalfoot Cove near SW 18th and 441.

10 mobile homes sold in the first half of 2018. Five of them sold for prices above $150,000, while only one sold for less than $100K.

Two Arrested After Chase in Sandalfoot Cove

Adonis Batista and Deaundre Archer
Adonis Batista and Deaundre Archer

After creating a major scene in Sandalfoot Cove yesterday, two young men were arrested and charged with multiple felonies. Adonis Batista (left in the above photo, age 20) is listed on the Sheriff’s blotter as a resident of the Edgewood Apartments on the east side of 441 just north of Sandalfoot Square. Deaundre Archer (right, 19) is a resident of Coral Springs.
We first learned of the incident from the following alert:

•••WEST BOCA••• FOOT PURSUIT — Sandalfoot Blvd @ State Rd 7 — Multiple PBSO units are in an active foot pursuit of 2 black male perpetrators, vehicle bail-out, multiple different stolen goods from various local residential robberies, perps fleeing thru an apartment complex by SW 66th Ave & Sandalfoot Blvd, K9 and Eagle Helicopter are enroute to assist

We contacted PBSO and received the following in response:

Just after 2 pm today, there was a burglary “in progress” in the 22400 block of SW 56th Way, Boca Raton. Two suspects fled from nearby deputies, a perimeter was set up and a short time later both suspects were arrested. All stolen property was recovered.

This morning we found their entries in the Sheriff’s blotter. They were not formally booked until 3 am. Both remain in custody, each facing three counts of burglary (unarmed) and two counts of grand theft.
We see no criminal history for Mr. Batista. Mr. Archer has had three cases this year in Broward, including a felony grand theft.
While we are no longer covering arrests in general, this was a major incident. It involved deputies on a foot chase, a perimeter set up, police K9 unit, and a helicopter.

Missing Boy from Sandalfoot Cove: Found!

Early this morning, shortly before 4:30 am, the Sheriff sent out an urgent e-mail about a child missing from Sandalfoot Cove:

Immanuel B walked away from his residence [on] SW 61st Ave, Boca Raton, Tuesday, April 7, 2015. He not been seen or heard from since. Immanuel, is 11 years old, is 5’5, 180 lbs., and wears glasses. He was carrying a black & red checkered backpack. No clothing description.
Deputies have visited friends and patrolled all known places he hangs out. Due to his age, PBSO considers Immanuel B to be a Missing Endangered Child.

The good news is that a few hours after that first e-mail they followed up with another reporting that he’d been found:

Immanuel was found safely. Thank you for your assistance

Paul Maimon Arrested Again: Slashes Neighbor?

Sandalfoot Cove resident Paul Maimon (26) returns to our pages, this time accused of “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.” The arrest was Tuesday. Per the Sun-Sentinel his neighbor and alleged victim reportedly suffered two long slash marks, from 11-15 inches long, after Maimon stabbed him with a key. We’re not sure that meets the standard for a deadly weapon.
Update: We received a “tweet” indicating that the weapon used was a razor from a box-cutter, rather than a key, requiring 100 staples in a 3-hour surgery.
Maimon was in West Boca News in March for aggravated assault against his father. That charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and is pending on a “plea and pass” agreement which might lead to the charge being dropped. The new charge may abort that sweetheart deal. Mr. Maimon also had a battery charge in 2012 that was dropped through a pre-trial intervention program.
Some residents may wonder how many chances a violent criminal should get. It seems odd to us that he would be able to get a “plea and pass” agreement on the 2014 felony after already getting off another violent incident.
Mr. Maimon remains in custody at this writing.

Battery Turns Into Smuggling

The Sheriff’s blotter shows deputies arrested Ms. Dara Zemo (41) on Sunday on a misdemeanor battery charge, and also for a felony for allegedly smuggling contraband into the jail.
Originally from the Danbury area of Connecticut, Ms. Zemo’s reported address is on Marina Blvd (aka SW 18th) just east of 441 in Sandalfoot Cove. The home was foreclosed in July and she may be renting from the bank.
Ms. Zemo has a substantial criminal history in Florida. In Palm Beach County court records show 15 cases (including traffic and some duplicates) starting in 2009. The worst of her cases here were a fraudulent use of a credit card charge in 2011 and a 2010 DUI case both of which involved some jail time. She’s also had a domestic battery in 2012 that was dropped by prosecutors, and a few cases of driving with a suspended license.
Moving to Broward we see one felony case involving drugs and prostitution from 2013. We also see a drug case in Lake County (near Orlando) from February of this year which the Sheriff’s record shows led to a month in jail.
Ms. Zemo was a licensed real estate agent in Florida until 2010, based in Jupiter. She may have also resided in Kissimmee at some point in the past.
Of course, all arrestees are innocent at this stage of the process.