Car Burglaries in South Sandalfoot Cove & Loggers' Run

We just had two readers report a number of car burglaries from last night in two neighborhoods. The first is northwest of Lyons and SW 18th, toward the southern end of Sandalfoot Cove.

The second incident was in the Timberwalk townhomes just south of Loggers’ Run Middle School.

The readers tell us that at least four cars were broken into in the first incident and five in the second. Palm Beach County deputies were on-scene this morning speaking with our readers and others in the neighborhoods.
Crime mapping from the Sheriff shows seven burglary and car burglary incidents in Sandalfoot Cove in the past week, with another two nearby. The reports we received this morning were not included in that data yet.
Anyone with information on this incident should consider contacting Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers.
[email protected]
1-800-458-TIPS (8477)

House Fire in Trends at Boca Raton

Thanks to a reader tip and photo, we learned that there is or was a house fire in the Trends neighborhood in Sandalfoot Cove. Above you can see the report from Palm Beach Fire Rescue on Twitter.

The reader who alerted us to the incident also sent this photo:
Another reader says: “Abandoned house fire … possibly started by squatters”
He also sent this photo:
That reader advised, and we confirmed, that the house at 23068 Old Inlet Bridge Drive is abandoned. It was taken over by the homeowners association about a year ago.

Child Hit By Car Near Lyons

One of our readers reports a child was hit by a car in Sandalfoot Squire, a community on SW 3rd Street near Lyons Road in Sandalfoot Cove. We have confirmation of the story from the Palm Beach Post.
PBSO and Fire Rescue found a car on top of a young boy, who was taken to Delray Medical Center. Our reader reports that they were on the scene fast and got the injured child on a stretcher and on the way to the hospital in a rush.
Another reader reports: “He has a concussion, staples, scrapes, sore, etc. As far as they can see no broken bones. He is in bad shape though. At first not sure if [he] would make it, but just pray please. He’s only 3.”
In our earlier Facebook post there was some heated discussion about whether parents watch their children closely enough, whether it was an appropriate thing to discuss at a time like this, and whether it was unprofessional for us to post the story as we did.

We’re not professional journalists. We’re amateurs and we’re learning. We don’t make any significant money on this venture and are essentially working as volunteers, though we do hope it will grow into something more.
In the articles we write on the West Boca News website we do try to be more professional. In Facebook posts like this we post more raw and early material from readers, which sometimes leads to other readers sending us more information so that we can write a complete story on the website. That community input helps us write better articles.
One commenter pointed to the Palm Beach Post article as “professional.” It had three sentences and no pictures. If professional means that, we hope we never get there.

Kandiss Sells Coke?

kandisswilliamsKandiss Williams (45) was arrested Friday, accused of selling cocaine on two separate days in February and March. Police say these alleged transactions took place within 1000 feet of a protected zone (schools and day care centers, for example) and that increases the severity of the charge.
Ms. Williams’ reported address is in Sandalfoot Cove north of SW 3rd between 441 and Lyons. She had a felony cocaine sale conviction from a 2011 arrest She got just short of 30 days in county jail along with 3 years probation and her probation may still be active. She also had felony grand theft charges in Broward back in 2003.

To respond to comments claiming we didn’t verify our information, here are images from the Palm Beach court website about her prior felony case:
Felony Conviction
And from Broward:
And here is an image from the present cases:
Cocaine sale

We should also add, as our regular readers know, that we oppose the drug war. Prohibition has been failing for many decades. What Ms. Williams is accused of doing should not be a crime.
And we should have mentioned that the delay between the alleged transactions and the arrest often suggests a problem for the prosecution.