Two Arrested After Chase in Sandalfoot Cove

Adonis Batista and Deaundre Archer
Adonis Batista and Deaundre Archer

After creating a major scene in Sandalfoot Cove yesterday, two young men were arrested and charged with multiple felonies. Adonis Batista (left in the above photo, age 20) is listed on the Sheriff’s blotter as a resident of the Edgewood Apartments on the east side of 441 just north of Sandalfoot Square. Deaundre Archer (right, 19) is a resident of Coral Springs.
We first learned of the incident from the following alert:

•••WEST BOCA••• FOOT PURSUIT — Sandalfoot Blvd @ State Rd 7 — Multiple PBSO units are in an active foot pursuit of 2 black male perpetrators, vehicle bail-out, multiple different stolen goods from various local residential robberies, perps fleeing thru an apartment complex by SW 66th Ave & Sandalfoot Blvd, K9 and Eagle Helicopter are enroute to assist

We contacted PBSO and received the following in response:

Just after 2 pm today, there was a burglary “in progress” in the 22400 block of SW 56th Way, Boca Raton. Two suspects fled from nearby deputies, a perimeter was set up and a short time later both suspects were arrested. All stolen property was recovered.

This morning we found their entries in the Sheriff’s blotter. They were not formally booked until 3 am. Both remain in custody, each facing three counts of burglary (unarmed) and two counts of grand theft.
We see no criminal history for Mr. Batista. Mr. Archer has had three cases this year in Broward, including a felony grand theft.
While we are no longer covering arrests in general, this was a major incident. It involved deputies on a foot chase, a perimeter set up, police K9 unit, and a helicopter.

Arrest Report: Child Porn and a Little Person Hit for Big Theft

There were four notable arrests recently. The two men on the right are facing child pornography charges. Brian Jackson (34) was arrested on 15 counts of possession of child pornography. He was previously arrested in 2010 on felony drug charges which were dropped by prosecutors. He remains in custody at this writing with $5000 bond for each count, making total bond $75K. Mr. Jackson’s reported address is just east of Boca Regional Hospital, but the arrest was by PBSO suggesting that it may have happened in West Boca or another area of the county.
The second child porn case involves Mr. Daniel Saull (41), reportedly a resident of Coral Springs and a youth baseball coach in the Boca city league. From the Broward Sheriff:

Saull downloaded child pornography from internet sites and saved them on to flash drives. In his home, investigators found videos and pictures of mostly female children ranging in age from one to 12 years old engaging in sexual activity with adults and other children.
During a search of the home, investigators found cannabis and two glass pipes containing cannabis residue. Saull is facing 24 counts of possession of child pornography, as well as charges for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. Several electronic devises were seized from Saull’s home and will undergo forensic exams which may result in additional charges.

Broward records are harder to read but Saull has retained a private attorney and bonded out. His next court date is in mid-April. If you’re thinking you could try this out and are considering looking online for child pornography, then don’t as you will get caught and quite rightly so as no-one should ever be involved with child pornography and get away with it. Cases like these are one of many reasons why people look to censorship when it comes to pornography. Pornographic censorship is always a hot button topic, but it is universally agreed that no one should watch, make, or distribute the material when it includes minors. It should not exist, and anyone interested in porn should look for alternative shows to watch or don’t watch it at all.

Patricia Godley (28) is a little person accused of grand theft of a vehicle. We see four previous mostly minor criminal cases from 2005 to 2012 including three in Palm Beach County and one in Broward. In a 2007 battery case it appears she did just short of one month in jail. She was arrested Wednesday morning and released that evening. Her reported address is near Palmetto Park and Boca Rio.
And last for this report we have Morgan Murphy (46), a resident of Sandalfoot Cove near Boca Dunes. His latest case involves an alleged June incident involving grand theft, fraud and dealing in stolen property. A warrant was issued in December and he was arrested on that warrant a few days ago. Mr. Murphy has quite a history including:

2001 felony grand theft motor vehicle – probation
2005 DWLS 30 days jail
2008 felony grand theft motor vehicle – mostly dropped but got DUI and 90 days jail
2009 felony grand theft motor vehicle – dropped by prosecutors

We also found a substantial incarceration history from the state:

Mr. Murphy remains in custody awaiting what seems like a low $11,000 total bond considering his history.

Burglary & Weapon Charges Against West Sandalfoot Felon

Emmanuel Padilla (above, 28) was arrested Wednesday on several felony counts including burglary, grand theft, grand theft of a vehicle, marijuana possession, giving a fake ID to a police officer, resisting, grand theft of a firearm, and possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon.
Mr. Padilla, a resident of the Watergate Estates community in West Sandalfoot, has a substantial history in the Florida court system. Most notably he spent nearly four years in state prison from 2010 to 2014, on similar charges to his current arrest, from Palm Beach and Broward. He was released on May 27th of 2014.
Before that he had felony cases in Broward in 2006 and 2008, and a 2008 felony case in Palm Beach. He even picked up a disorderly conduct in Miami-Dade in 2005.
Court records indicate that two of the new counts against Mr. Padilla are for offenses that allegedly took place in July of 2014, a little over a month after he was released from prison.
Mr. Padilla also had a DUI case in June of 2014, less than a month after his release, but prosecutors dropped that one. He remains in custody at this writing with bond set at over $200,000.
Of course all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

4 Arrests in 2014 for Ricardo Tincel

West Boca youth Ricardo Tincel (18) was arrested Thursday for the fourth time in 2014. This arrest was on grand theft charges. In October he was picked up for another grand theft. These are both felony charges and are generally considered serious. The October case has not been resolved yet and remains open.
There were two other minor arrests this year. In September he was arrested in Broward accused of resisting without violence (often a bogus charge). And back in January he was arrested for marijuana along with some traffic charges.
Tincel’s reported address is in the American Homes neighborhood north of Kimberly and east of 441. We were not able to determine what high school he attended (or attends) but the address is zoned for Olympic Heights.
Mr. Tincel remains in custody at this writing, more than 24 hours after he was first booked.

Sandalfoot Friday: Burglary Duo

A man and woman in Sandalfoot Cove were arrested Friday, accused of burglary and other charges. Lindsay Farer (left, 26) and Justin Turner (right, also 26) both have the same reported address on SW 66th Avenue just south of Sandalfoot Blvd. and near the Sandalfoot Square plaza.
Ms. Farer is charged with burglary and grand theft, as well as resisting an officer. She previously appeared in West Boca News for minor drug charges in December. Court records also show a felony drug case from 2013, misdemeanors in 2007 and 2008, and several traffic cases. Broward records show a 2006 drug felony as well as another set of burglary charges earlier this year.
An Olympic Heights graduate, Mr. Turner is charged with two counts of burglary, and one each of grand theft and resisting. He also appeared in West Boca News in December for an aggravated assault and aggravated battery case. That was resolved with a misdemeanor domestic battery.
Court records show various offenses for him including several traffic cases, a 2009 felony involving burglary and false imprisonment that was dropped by prosecutors, and a 2007 grand theft case that prosecutors also dropped. Broward records show several traffic tickets, a 2010 felony for carrying a concealed firearm, and burglary charges from Broward this summer that look similar to the one Ms. Farer had.
Both of them remain in custody as of this writing.