Hobby Lobby: Hiring in Mid-August?

Some of our readers inquired about when the new West Boca Hobby Lobby would start hiring. We asked and they answered:

It’s good to hear that there’s already interest in employment at the Boca Raton Hobby Lobby! I don’t have exact dates to give you for hiring yet.
Typically, six weeks before the store’s projected opening, Hobby Lobby will hold a multi-day hiring event in Boca Raton inviting all interested applicants to apply in person during the designated time.
This hiring event will be advertised in the Sunday newspaper, through email and on our website. When the hiring event is over, no more applications will be accepted until after the store’s grand opening. Hobby Lobby does not accept applications online for these positions.

Since they’re projecting an open date toward the end of September, six weeks earlier would be mid-August. They also offered to keep us “in the loop” for when hiring dates are announced.