Boca Village Square and Aladdin's Eatery

Update: We had a nice meal at Aladdin’s on 11/25/2014 and saw that progress had stopped on Burger Fi and the signs are gone. We heard from a source that Burger Fi is not coming after all. It doesn’t look like there’s any replacement set yet.
Boca Village Square is undergoing major changes at the moment. We stopped by last week for a nice lunch at the new Aladdin’s Eatery, after their perfect inspection. The plaza sits on St. Andrews Blvd. at the southwest corner of Town Center.

Part of the plaza seems to be under major construction, and we think that they’re adding a larger space to house an expanded CVS pharmacy. They also have a relatively new First Watch and a Smoothie King, which you can see in the picture below:
Between those two is a walkway that heads toward a back parking lot and a view of Town Center. Aladdin’s Eatery just opened last week. They have ample outdoor seating which is always appreciated by our mascot, Charlotte the Wonder Puppy.
Across from Aladdin’s and facing the back parking lot will be two more restaurants, Burger Fi and Sicilian Oven. And thanks for a reader reminder – parking is already tight in this plaza and will get a lot worse once everything is open.
Those two were still having their spaces fitted out when we popped in. Burger Fi didn’t even have a floor yet:
Sicilian Oven was further along and you can see the brick area in back which will likely house some cooking facilities. We previously wrote about them in April, so it’s taking a while.
Aladdin’s Eatery has a pleasant interior. There’s a lot of space and seating.
The wine and dessert displays make a nice impression as well.
They offer a Lebanese take on the typical Greek/Mediterranean style. As an interesting aside, the chain got started in Ohio which is the home of the most famous fictional Lebanese-American, Klinger from MASH.
When we sat down they brought us some pita bread. It was noticeably thinner than pita we’ve had in other restaurants. That’s not bad, just different.
We had two dishes. One of us had Hummus with Shawarma, and the other had Shawarma “pizza” on a larger pita.
Some places have hummus with a more chunky texture. The hummus here was downright creamy.
While we had meat, the menu has many vegetarian and vegan options, and also some that are gluten-free.
smoothies_largeWe also started with a couple of smoothies which we really enjoyed.