Doctor Accused of Robbery?

Dr. Dwight Collman (58) was arrested Monday on charges of robbery, battery on a uniformed security guard and criminal mischief. From the probable cause affidavit filed in the court, this concerns an incident in front of Dr. Collman’s home in the gates Seasons community off Jog Road south of Clint Moore.
Collman had a DUI case in 2001 and a 2006 aggravated battery and criminal mischief case. Both sets of charges were dropped by prosecutors. His record with Department of Health also shows a criminal incident involving trespassing at his daughter’s high school but we see no record of that in any court.
Collman is a certified specialist in emergency medicine. He runs the Collman Institute, apparently from his home, which helps prepare other physicians for emergency medicine board exams. He claims to have helped over 12,000 physicians. He’s also a co-author of a 2005 Emergency Medicine Board Review prep book.
From what we understand, Dr. Collman was involved in an argument on Saturday with a security guard from the Seasons community related to a violation of homeowners assocation rules. Dr. Collman allegedly punched the security guard in the chest, grabbed the guard’s cell phone, stuck it in a wet vac, and then threw it at the guard.
Update: WPBF has some video on this story.
Images showing the Boca Raton police officer’s description are below, followed by the full document.
The full probable cause affidavit filed in court is below:
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Accident on Yamato Near Jog?

A reader called us to report lanes blocked on Yamato west of Jog Road with substantial police presence. We don’t see anything on Google Maps Traffic. However we did see these items on the county scanner from shortly after noon:
Stations 52, 53 and 57 are all in West Boca. Station 53 indicates a traumatic injury, and that station is the closest to Yamato and Jog.
So far we do not have more information.

Accident Yesterday – Yamato and Jog

Readers told us about this accident at Yamato and Jog, and they posted pictures too.

Here’s what one witness reported:

Woman driving the Flex was westbound on yamato. Driver of a saturn sky pulled out into traffic into the side of her and spun her a bit and she aimed right for the ditch. I was a few cars behind it and the person that pulled the woman from the car. Everyone was alright. Just shaken up

We also had reports of accidents last night at Yamato and 441, and at 18th and Lyons. This photo, from the latter, is a motorcycle on fire.