Major Accident in Delray: West Boca Tesla Driver Involved

Shortly before 10:30 pm on Friday night there was a fatal accident on Linton Blvd at its intersection with Jog Road. Four vehicles and a pedestrian were involved. One of the drivers and the pedestrian were both killed. One of our readers shared this video of the scene:

According to Investigator Fazzino of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, a BMW convertible driven by Alan Ziperstein (age 72) was driving the wrong way on Linton, eastbound in the westbound lanes. Ziperstein, a resident of the Addison Reserve community, collided with a Jaguar driven by Victor Goo (60) of Kings Point, a Tesla driven by Arthur Sezman (76) of St. Andrews Country Club (West Boca), and a Hyundai driven by Gloria Sheehan (82), also of Kings Point.
After hitting the three vehicles, Ziperstein’s BMW continued on, striking pedestrian San Miquel Ramiro (52) of Boynton Beach, and then rolled over.
Sadly, Ziperstein was pronounced dead at the scene and Ramiro passed away at Delray Medical Center. Mr. Goo suffered critical injuries and was also taken to Delray Medical Center. Sezman and Sheehan suffered minor injuries.
We received four photos from readers at the scene:
It was unclear from the accident report as to why Ziperstein was traveling in the wrong direction and we may never know.

Burglaries in Boca Falls & Boca Madera; School on Lockdown

Update: A homeowner in Bayberry (Boca Winds) said she saw two black males in a older white pickup “casing the neighborhood”. They were not young, perhaps in their 30s or 40s, and she saw them two or three times. The location is very close to the Boca Falls burglary in this story and the description seems to match what the homeowner saw when she walked in on the burglars.

Two burglary incidents attracted a lot of attention in the past 24 hours, one yesterday afternoon in Boca Falls and early this morning in Boca Madera.

Mystic Cove in Boca Falls; image by Google
Mystic Cove in Boca Falls; image by Google

Readers alerted us to an incident yesterday in and near Boca Falls at the west end of Glades Road and Palmetto Park Road. Several police cars were seen, some on Glades Road near the Boca Falls entrance with others on or near Palmetto. Readers also saw a police helicopter. We arrived on the scene about an hour later and saw one police car at Palmetto and Riverside along with the helicopter.
One of our readers described the incident as he heard it:

[The homeowner] walked into her house and her house was being robbed! She saw them and they saw her and then they ran out the back and she ran out the front. They did take items from her house. From what she said, they came in by piggybacking through the gate.
Hopefully word will get out and our neighborhood will take precautions and this doesn’t happen again!

Various sources tell us that police were looking for two black males in a white pickup; the pickup “piggy backed” through the gate near Waters Edge Elementary School; Waters Edge went on a “Code Yellow” lockdown for about an hour; and that Boca Falls was already considering measures to improve gate security and this incident is likely to accelerate changes.
The reference to piggy backing is when an unauthorized vehicle follows closely behind an authorized vehicle to get through a gate before it closes.
Another reader forwarded us this notice from Waters Edge Elementary:

Please know that for everyone’s safety, we were on a Code Yellow today from approximately 12:25-1:25 pm due to some unusual activity in Boca Falls– we are now “All Clear”. All students and staff remained in the building and they did a fabulous job following our expectations. We appreciate everyone’s support during this time.

So far there’s no indication as to whether the burglars were caught or not.
We should note that crime maps show incidents like this are rare in gated communities, and West Boca has one of the lowest crime rates in Palm Beach County and South Florida.

Boca Madera entrance; image by Google
Boca Madera entrance; image by Google

Early this morning there was a burglary in the Boca Madera neighborhood which is on the east side of Jog Road north of Glades near the St. Andrews School. It’s inside the city line but still what we consider West Boca (west of Military Trail). Boca Raton Police notified the community (via Facebook and Twitter) of the incident and warned residents to stay inside.
Not too long after they followed up with an all-clear notice:
WPTV reports that two men were arrested after a search was conducted by Boca Raton PD and a PBSO helicopter. We do not see any blotter entries that fit yet, but it was only a few hours ago and usually takes longer than that for them to show up.
Note that the correct spelling of the neighborhood is Boca Madera (Madera is Spanish for wood), not Madeira (a Portuguese wine).

Papalani Gelato On Jog Road – Delray

There’s no new sheriff in town, but there is a new gelato place just outside of town. Papalani Gelato is on Jog Road just north of the Boca-Delray line, in the plaza across from the Morikami Museum and Gardens and near the D’Angelo’s Italian restaurant.

The Hawaiian theme means surfboards on the walls, Hawaiian coffees, and some Pacific flavors. On top of that they’ve got an array of chocolates, breezes (aka smoothies) and Belgian waffles too. The place looks very clean and has nice seating with cushy booths.
Getting good pictures of gelato in a cooler ain’t easy but we did the best we could. First here’s a tall shot with sorbetto in the foreground and the gelato in the background:

As we understand it, sorbetto is fruity, dairy-free and very low fat. Gelato has dairy but is lower fat than ice cream. All of them have lots of sugar.
Here’s the best shot we got of the gelato:

We tried a few different varieties, all gelato, including white chocolate macadamia nut, Belgian chocolate (one of their most popular), Maui mint chip, cheesecake, and peanut butter explosion. All were delicious.
This is the chocolate display case:

Pricing is in the ballpark of what we’ve seen elsewhere. $4 for one scoop. Breezes start at $6.50 but mostly 7.50 and up. Hours are 7 am – 10 pm, open a bit later to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. Our server, Gino, was very helpful.

Apeiro Hit With 18 Violations: The Near Boca Inspection Report

Photo from Yelp
Photo from Yelp

The new Apeiro restaurant in Delray Marketplace had one of the worst inspections we see in our latest “Near Boca” report. They had a total of 18 violations including 6 marked as “high priority.” Perhaps the biggest concern was that several foods and sauces were not kept at proper temperatures including a stop-sale. Here’s the worst of it:

Cooked potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food not cooled from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within 6 hours. Roasted garlic cream sauce 49°, eggplant meat 49°, Brie fondue 49°, acqua pazza sauce 49°, herb balsamic sauce 47°, bolognese sauce 47°, falafel mix 47°, cooked mushrooms 47° all in containers that were too deep, and coved and held overnight or more.
Employee failed to wash hands before changing gloves and/or putting on gloves to work with food. **Corrected On-Site**
Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Foods in walk in cooler were temping in at 45° because the walk in cooler had an ambient temperature of 44-45°. Corrective action taken – operator adjusted the temperature setting for walk in cooler to a lower temperature. Walk in cooler is now reading an ambient temperature of 37°. **Corrected On-Site**
Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse. Roasted garlic cream sauce 49°, Brie fondue 49°, acqua pazza sauce 49°, eggplant meat 49°, herb balsamic sauce 47°, bolognese sauce 47°, falafel mix 47°, cooked mushrooms 47° all cooled in deep containers, covered and held overnight. Garlic and oil mixture – held at room temperature (78°) for more than 4 hours.
Thermotape failed to turn black to indicate the sanitization temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit was achieved on the dish surface. Discontinue use of dishmachine for sanitizing and set up manual sanitization until dishmachine is repaired. **Corrected On-Site**

Apeiro’s inspection was in mid-April and indicated that a follow-up inspection is required. We don’t see that follow-up in the data yet.
Burt & Max in the same plaza (and we think with the same owner) had a pretty good inspection with 7 violations.
Ruvens on Jog Road in Delray had the worst number in this report with a whopping 34 violations, 8 of them marked high priority. The worst of that was: Stop Sale issued due to adulteration of food product. Unwashed orange inside a bucket of coleslaw in walk on cooler. However, a follow-up inspection was not required.
The Burger King on Atlantic near Military Trail was closed briefly in late April due to roaches: “one live roaches in kitchen, 8 live roaches in icee machine cabinet by the ice machine.” It was reopened the same day after a quick repeat inspection.
Others in Delray with poor numbers include Zorba’s Taverna on Linton (19 violations), The Grill at the Bridges (18), Beijing Palace on Jog (18), Mr. Chen’s Hunan Palace (17) and Bagel Twins (16), both on Linton, Gramercy Bagels & Deli (15), Greek Emporium (15) and Panda Gourmet (14).
The best inspection we saw in Delray was the Subway and the Philly Grill both on Military Trail near Atlantic with 2 violations each.
Broward County
The worst in Broward was China Buffet & Grill on Hillsboro west of Powerline, with 25 violations including 8 high priority and a warning issued.
Also on Hillsboro, La Brasa (at Lyons) and Muddy Waters (west of Military Trail) had 17 violations each. Duffy’s on Hillsboro had 12 violations but only one was marked high priority. Muddy Waters also had only one marked high priority.
Bru’s Room on Hillsboro near 441 had 11 violations with two marked high priority. Those two looked picky to us. Food supposed to be kept below 41º was at 44º, for example. They had a call-back a week later and had only one minor violation.
The good news in Broward includes Deer Creek Country Club (whose restaurant is open to the public) and Sublicious on 441 near Holmberg, with just one minor violation each.

School Bus Crash on Clint Moore

Readers alerted us to an accident this morning involving a school bus and a car.

There is an accident on westbound Clint Moore Road west of Jog. It’s a school bus and another car and traffic is backed up. … Someone is sitting on the curb and I don’t know if they are children on the bus.

Thanks to our readers for the information and photos. We will update if we get any more information.