Middle School Bus Driver Goes Nuts

A middle school bus driver in West Boca Raton shoved and kicked a boy off a bus, as can be seen from a student’s cell phone video below, provided to us by a reader and parent.

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The driver can be heard yelling at the boy:

Off my bus


Cry like a little bitch!

Our source tells us that the bus driver’s name is Robert, and that this was a bus from Eagle’s Landing Middle School in West Boca Raton. The stop where this occurred was by the intersection of Lyons Rd and Kimberly Blvd. A friend of West Boca News who lives nearby confirmed visually that it matches the location.
We are told that there was a problem with the regular bus and the district sent a different bus with a different driver than usual. The driver missed a stop and reacted when the boy complained about that.
The video is short and we can’t see what happened beforehand. A commenter below says the driver was acting in self defense.
West Boca News is attempting to contact the school district for comment, but we got notice of this Friday evening and expect it may be some time before we hear anything from them.
This is the third recent bus/school incident in a few weeks. Yesterday a charter bus carrying students from a West Boca elementary school crashed and injured several students. And a few weeks ago a Boca Raton bus driver was beaten by parents in West Palm Beach.