New Theater in Promenade

For those who don’t know it, Promenade at Coconut Creek is on the west side of Lyons Road just south of Wiles, about 3 miles south of the county line. Last year we wrote about changes coming to The Promenade. One of them is about to open.
Here’s a short video version of the story, with more detail in the article below:

Silverspot is a small chain with theaters in two other locations, one in Naples and the other in North Carolina. They are adding to that with this new one, which will have 11 theaters and total seating for around 1500 people. The theater is on the southwest corner of the Promenade plaza, behind the Lane Bryant store and not far from World of Beer.
While not open for business yet, they expect to start showings in just a couple days. And they were kind enough to give us a quick tour inside.
There is a lobby, bar and restaurant area as you enter, which was busy with staff and final preparations so we didn’t get a good picture of that. On one side as you enter are electronic kiosks for buying tickets. Going along with the trend we’ve seen at other theaters, seating is reserved and most tickets are now bought in advance on line. There is no box office but they do have a customer service counter where you can try to buy tickets – if they’re not already sold out.
In the back of this lobby area there is a counter for buying popcorn, other snacks, and some pre-packaged items from the restaurant. The restaurant is a bit of a big deal. They’re not releasing the name or full description yet, but it’s apparently connected to Iron Chef and Top Chef reality TV competitor David Burke. Burke has several restaurants, mostly in the NYC and NJ area. This will be his first in Florida.
After you pass the refreshments a hallway takes you to the theaters. The interior uses a lot of black color:
Inside the theaters are set up with deluxe chairs and stadium seating.
There is also an upstairs hallway which helps provide greater access for disabled customers. In most theaters wheelchairs are stuck sitting in or near the front row but this feature allows them to sit up high if they prefer.
Tickets will be $14.50, with a reduced rate of just under $10 for kids and seniors. The best way to buy them is on the company website at
One particularly cool feature you can see in some of our photos is the wind turbine situated between the theater and the rest of Promenade. Along with a number of other environmental features they are hoping to get LEED certification for the building.

While we were in the plaza we also noticed a new “dessert place”, Batter Co, very close to the new theater. They’ve been open for about four weeks and feature cupcakes as well as some frozen desserts.

Changes at The Promenade

We’ve noticed some big changes happening at Promenade in Coconut Creek. First, as you can see above, they will be adding a theater:

Coming Fall 2014: Silverspot Cinema, a 47,000 square foot multiplex 12-screen theater with leather stadium seating, plus a restaurant.

Their map of the site shows the theater on the currently empty piece of land on the southwest corner of the property behind the south parking structure.
Also Promenade now has a green market on Sundays from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm:
Although Promenade is a few miles south of Boca, we go there and know quite a few others from West Boca who go there too.
Promenade is on the southwest corner of Lyons and Wiles:

Having it on Sunday here is a nice balance with the West Boca green market on Glades at Boca Rio, which is on Saturdays.

Closing: Coldwater Creek in Promenade

The Coldwater Creek store in Promenade is having a store closing sale with signs proclaiming big price reductions.
The chain is in bankruptcy and having some problems getting through the process, as reported a few days ago by the Wall Street Journal.
Promenade is located on the southwest corner of Lyons and Wiles.

We believe the Coldwater Creek store in Town Center has already closed.