Rollover on Riverside Near Glades

Early this afternoon Palm Beach County Fire Rescue reported a rollover accident at Glades and Riverside.

We were able to get to the scene, which was actually 100 to 200 yards south of Glades.

When we first arrived at the scene there were quite a few people standing on the east side of the roadway amidst a few rescue vehicles. Looking from the north (Glades Road), the rollover was not visible.

We were able to get to the scene a bit later coming from the south and got a better view of the vehicle. A crane was getting ready to “right” what appeared to be a large Ford pickup or SUV. Our best guess is a full size pickup with a crew cab, possibly an F-250.

There was a repair team available at the scene trying their best to do more to help the truck. It looked like they were working on draining fluids from the vehicle before bringing the truck back onto its wheels.

With a close-up look, you can see severe damage to the windshield. There were no other vehicles involved and no injuries were reported which is very lucky with a truck this size.

Unfortunately, we do not have more details at this time and we don’t expect to get any. Florida’s law on accident reports prevents us from getting a copy of any report for 60 days because we are not a print publication. If that bothers you please tell your state representatives that the world of news has changed. We have already contacted the State Rep. Kevin Rader, but it wouldn’t hurt if some readers contacted him as well. So that means it is not known if the driver caused the accident themselves or it was because of a fault with the truck. Either way, fleet management software from companies such as Lytx should be installed to help prevent this from happening again, taking into account driver and vehicle safety.