Shoplifting and More at the Westwinds Publix

A reader tipped us off to an incident last night at Publix in the Westwinds plaza (Glades and 441). He noticed a couple of deputy vehicles as well as a paddy wagon:
We looked into it and found that a shoplifting incident was reported by PBSO on
We also found an arrest in the blotter that seems to fit with this incident, though we can’t say for sure.
Mr. Paul Pelchat was arrested last night and the time of booking (shortly before 10 pm) is reasonably close to the time that an arrest from a 6 pm incident would get to booking on Gun Club Road in West Palm Beach. Mr. Pelchat faces several charges including petit theft from a merchant, marijuana and trespassing:
Looking at his history in the court system we see a string of 18 mostly minor offenses and misdemeanors dating back to 2009, averaging roughly 3 per year. That doesn’t count the arrests he’s had for failing to appear. We can only see back one year and we see two of those. We also see a couple of minor incidents in Broward.
The latest blotter entry lists his address as 9966 Glades Road, which is not any building we can identify. It may refer to a spot just east of 441 where we often see vagrants gathering. Other arrests for Mr. Pelchat list his address as “at large.”

Mother-Daughter Felony Shoplifting?

Two women were arrested Saturday night accused of felony shoplifting at or near the Town Center Mall. The reported address of the incident fits with Macy’s.
Per the Sheriff’s blotter, Valbuena Greeny (64) and Talavera Grenny (45) were charged with the same offenses and booked one minute apart. Both have the same reported address off Del Prado Circle north of Palmetto Park Road. The Boca Police blotter says the two “were arrested for shoplifting and possession of a countermeasure device after they stole $900.40 worth of clothing.”
Living at the same address with ages 19 years apart suggests they may be mother and daughter, or perhaps some other family relationship. They were released on bond early Sunday morning.
Their cases are assigned to different judges but both are scheduled for the state to file charges by October 2nd. We see no criminal history for either of them.