New Sushi Thai in Loggers' Run Plaza: Nikuya

We previously reported that Marcus Kosher Chinese closed. Thanks to a neighbor, we learned that a new place is opening in the same spot. They’re selling it as a Sushi Thai Bistro, named Nikuya.
We got a quick look at the interior:
We also got a quick look at the menu. They’re doing a soft opening and it’s not the final menu. One of our favorites is the Tom Kha Khai chicken-coconut-milk soup, and that’s only four bucks. The Thai entrees look reasonable ranging from $12-16. On the other hand the sushi seems expensive with simple sushi and sashimi appetizers at $15.
We have a hunch there will be lower cost options on a lunch menu or specials, but that will have to wait for the full opening sometime next month.

Jidai Sushi Dinner Deal

We’ve been fans of Jidai Kaiten Sushi since they opened. In kaiten sushi (回転寿司) you sit around the outside of a geometric shape and a conveyor belt brings various plates around in front of you. The sushi chefs are inside the shape – a triangle here. The color of the plate indicates the price.

Mango Tango roll
Mango Tango Roll

Jidai is in the Shops at Boca Grove, on the west side of Powerline between Glades and Palmetto.

Jidai normally prices plates from $2 to $5, though there are other items on a menu you can order that are not on the conveyor belt. For their new dinner deal (see image above), the $2 and $3 plates have their normal price, and the $4 and $5 plates are reduced to $3 during a “happy hour” window from 5 – 7 pm.

Tuna Gone Wild roll
Tuna Gone Wild Roll

We stopped by today for the Jidai lunch deal we wrote about previously – all the plates are $2. They are extending that deal until further notice.
We’re not just saying we’re fans. We’ve been there three times this month for the lunch deal. And it appears that the deal offer is working. They had a good lunch crowd today.
We enjoyed our meal today, as usual, and will be back for more.
Blue Crab Roll
Blue Crab Roll

Disclosure: Our first few articles about Jidai were written without any business relationship. After we wrote the lunch deal article we did an ad campaign for the article. The restaurant paid for the ads and paid us a small fee for managing them. We generally pay full price for our meals there but they have sometimes given us a small discount or a free item. The monetary value of what we have received is trivial and we really do love the place. We have talked about doing another ad campaign but this article was written with no compensation.

Review: Jidai Kaiten Sushi

Rainbow Roll
Rainbow Roll

Back in December we mentioned that Jidai Kaiten Sushi is open in the Shoppes at Boca Grove (near Bonefish Grill). We finally got there for lunch today so we could write a review, and we liked it.
Kaitenzushi (回転寿司) is pronounced kai-ten-zoo-she with the “kai” like start of the word kayak. A popular translation is “conveyor belt sushi”, though the word kaiten literally translates to automatic circle. This is not an Americanization – we’ve had it in Japan. You can get the idea from the video we shot today:

The sushi is made in the central area, and then placed on plates on a moving platform (the conveyor belt) which travel around so that customers can reach them. Jidai has an interesting variation with the main section being a triangular area. When the place is full they extend the moving platform to reach more tables in a shape like an umbrella over that triangle.
In Japan the plates come around uncovered, but Jidai has covers on them. This is probably a smart move to comply with some obscure health regulations. Our dining partner is picky about food safety and definitely appreciated the covers.
Salmon-Avocado roll
Salmon-Avocado roll
We tried a variety of items, mostly from the conveyor belt. Manager Asuka Tamura (it’s unusual to see a real Japanese person working in a Japanese restaurant these days) told us to order something if we didn’t see it on the belt. We did order a couple things, a salmon-avocado roll and gyoza (dumplings). There is a menu for items that you would not see on the belt, such as bento box lunches and other lunch specials. Please note some photos are after we started eating.

We had a couple of interesting and tasty items including the tuna roll with mango.
Red bean pancake
Red bean pancake
The pancake stuffed with sweet red bean paste was good. Red bean paste is a common item in Japan and something you don’t see in a lot of Japanese restaurants here in the US.
At the end of the meal your bill is determined by adding up the plates by their color, with prices per plate ranging from $2 for the pink up to $5 for the yellow.
It’s a fun way to eat sushi – you see dishes you might not have thought to try. We enjoyed our meal too. Every item tasted good, with no problems in quality or service.