Battery Turns Into Smuggling

The Sheriff’s blotter shows deputies arrested Ms. Dara Zemo (41) on Sunday on a misdemeanor battery charge, and also for a felony for allegedly smuggling contraband into the jail.
Originally from the Danbury area of Connecticut, Ms. Zemo’s reported address is on Marina Blvd (aka SW 18th) just east of 441 in Sandalfoot Cove. The home was foreclosed in July and she may be renting from the bank.
Ms. Zemo has a substantial criminal history in Florida. In Palm Beach County court records show 15 cases (including traffic and some duplicates) starting in 2009. The worst of her cases here were a fraudulent use of a credit card charge in 2011 and a 2010 DUI case both of which involved some jail time. She’s also had a domestic battery in 2012 that was dropped by prosecutors, and a few cases of driving with a suspended license.
Moving to Broward we see one felony case involving drugs and prostitution from 2013. We also see a drug case in Lake County (near Orlando) from February of this year which the Sheriff’s record shows led to a month in jail.
Ms. Zemo was a licensed real estate agent in Florida until 2010, based in Jupiter. She may have also resided in Kissimmee at some point in the past.
Of course, all arrestees are innocent at this stage of the process.

Rise Asian Sushi on SW 18th

People kept telling us about Rise Asian Sushi so we had to try it. The restaurant is in Village Tower Shoppes with Howard’s Market, on the north side of SW 18th between Powerline and Military Trail – across from Outback and Coldstone Creamery. In the image below it’s in the corner maybe 1/3 in from the left. We recently wrote about Fabien’s Bistro in the same plaza.
We heard this was the best sushi in Boca Raton. We liked it, but it’s hard for us to say it’s better than other places we like.
It’s nothing special on the outside though certainly not bad:
On the inside there’s a sushi bar but no one sat there. And there are plenty of tables.
One thing I did like is that they have udon noodle soups on the menu. I had one of those as a starter and did like it. It was not quite authentic – true udon noodles are fatter, and should be served with togarashi, a spicy Japanese red pepper powder. But that’s really picky. The soup tasted good and the shrimp were nice.
Please note that my food photos did not come out well for some reason, possibly lighting or camera problems. All the food items looked just fine.
My companion had salmon teriyaki with white rice. Being picky again, the rice was not a true Japanese rice. But the rice was okay and the salmon dish was good – my companion ate it up.
I had the sushi and sashimi lunch. It was good but not great. Sashimi is the true test of a sushi place. You can hide lower quality fish in a roll with cream cheese, avocado and other things. It’s very hard to hide it in sashimi. Three of the four types of sashimi were very good. The fourth had a hint of not being fresh. It wasn’t bad, but just not as good as the rest.
The lunch came with a spicy tuna roll. This was better quality than most spicy tuna rolls – the chunks of fish were larger and that suggests better quality maguro to me.
Both lunches came with salads and they were larger than what we usually see from sushi places.
We liked it and certainly would say it’s worth a try for any of our readers who like sushi. But it’s at the southeast corner of West Boca and we live far west. It’s not any better than Boon’s in Boca Greens, which is a lot closer for us. We’re still hooked on Jidai Kaiten Sushi’s lunch deal, and Rise isn’t going to take us away from that.

Closed – Another New French Restaurant: Fabien's Bistro

Update: Fabien’s has closed. There is a new restaurant in its place, Jasper’s, but we haven’t been there yet.
We discovered a second new French restaurant. The first is La Ferme, which we’ve covered extensively and is located near the northwest corner of West Boca (Yamato near 441). On the opposite corner of the rectangle, near the southeast corner on SW 18th just west of Military Trail, is Fabien’s Bistro. It’s in the plaza with Howard’s Market and Rise Asian Sushi.

You can see it in this warped panorama shot of the plaza – it’s near the left side. Howard’s Market is to the right. We found it easiest to access the plaza by turning into Palm D’Oro Road and then turning into the plaza. Parking was limited but that may be better at dinnertime.
We haven’t had a chance to eat there yet. We were there at lunch time and they’re only open for dinner starting at 5 pm (Tuesday – Sunday, closed Monday during low season). As we were looking at the menu, Fabien came out and invited us to take a look around.
As one might expect with a French restaurant, the a la carte menu is not cheap with entrees starting around $27. But for now they have an early bird special dinner for $22.95 from 5-6 pm that includes soup or salad, an entree (limited to four choices) and dessert. If you’re there after 6 pm and it’s not crowded, mention West Boca News and ask Fabien for the early bird dinner. And keep in mind that restaurant menus change, especially new ones.
We hope to get out to Fabien’s in the next month or so to give it a try, and we’ll do a full review. If you’ve been there and tried it, please post a comment and let our readers know what you thought.

Car Burglaries in South Sandalfoot Cove & Loggers' Run

We just had two readers report a number of car burglaries from last night in two neighborhoods. The first is northwest of Lyons and SW 18th, toward the southern end of Sandalfoot Cove.

The second incident was in the Timberwalk townhomes just south of Loggers’ Run Middle School.

The readers tell us that at least four cars were broken into in the first incident and five in the second. Palm Beach County deputies were on-scene this morning speaking with our readers and others in the neighborhoods.
Crime mapping from the Sheriff shows seven burglary and car burglary incidents in Sandalfoot Cove in the past week, with another two nearby. The reports we received this morning were not included in that data yet.
Anyone with information on this incident should consider contacting Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers.
1-800-458-TIPS (8477)

Accident at Marina and US-441: Video & Photos

It seems like all we have to do to get a story is stay near 441. Yesterday we saw something on 441 at the north end of Mission Bay Plaza. Earlier today we were on our way into Parkland and we saw an accident scene at Marina (SW 18th) and 441. This was shortly before 1 pm.
We had time to do a short video at the scene:

What was reported to us was that the driver of the white Lexus SUV admitted to being distracted by his cell phone. Allegedly he ran a red light coming out from gas station, causing a collision with the smaller white Mitsubishi Outlander that was traveling southbound on 441.
The panorama shot below came out a little odd.
Fortunately it appears there were no injuries. Unfortunately most drivers disregarded Florida’s “Move Over” law, as can be seen in the video above. We often criticize unnecessary laws and police misconduct, but this is an important law that protects our first responders when they’re in a difficult and dangerous situation. When you see the flashing lights, please move over and give them space.