Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Tuesday Night on 441

Last night we were heading out to the grocery store and noticed this tweet:
Since we ended up at the Sandalfoot Publix, we headed over to the intersection of SW 18th (Marina) and 441 to take a look. The incident was mostly resolved but deputies were on scene clearing it up.
There were still flares burning on the sidewalk on the northeast corner along SW 18th.
We could also see residue in the roadway on SW 18th from what we think were flares.
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue reported that they found a man in the roadway who had been struck by a vehicle and he was transported to Delray Medical Center for as a trauma patient. We have heard reports that this was a hit-and-run with the vehicle driving away.
One of our readers shared this photo with us from the scene. It’s not pretty, but far enough away that you can’t tell much from it. As with the majority of these stories today, hit and runs on pedestrians seem to be climbing, if you ever find yourself being involved in a hit and run you will benefit greatly from hiring an attorney that specializes in pedestrian accidents earlier rather than later.
We don’t see any arrests in the Sheriff’s blotter today for hit-and-run so it appears the driver has not been caught yet. If anyone has any ideas, please notify Crime Stoppers or let us know and we’ll forward tips to the Sheriff.

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Euro Fusion at Wharfside Village

Update: Euro Fusion has closed and there is now a Greek restaurant in its place, Rafina.
Euro Fusion is a fairly new restaurant in the plaza better known for the Carrabba’s. it’s on 18th at Powerline in South Central Boca.
We sat outside on the deck, with a beautiful lake view (Carrabba’s deck has the same).

It’s an interesting menu. They seem very serious about being Kosher. I saw no red meat or chicken, probably because they serve milk. They even have kosher shrimp.
The large menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner (with kids menu), sushi and dessert.
I started with seared yellowtail, a sashimi-like dish but slightly cooked, and with jalapeño slices. The presentation was attractive and the jalapeño provided a nice burn.

Next we had a Mediterranean appetizer, with hummus, baba ghanouj, and two other items. All excellent, and I usually don’t like baba ghanouj.

We also had their “European” salad, with candied walnuts, avocado and orange slices. Three of us shared two of these and all were impressed with the dressing which was delicious but not overpowering.

All in all a very nice meal. We will be back.
For reservations call 561-395-1109.