West Boca Medical Center Okay With Cigna

West Boca Medical Center
West Boca Medical Center

Tenet Healthcare has reached an agreement with Cigna Insurance. We previously reported that the two were in negotiations and that Cigna might drop Tenet, leaving their West Boca customers to seek care from other providers.
Tenet is the parent company of both West Boca Medical Center and Delray Medical Center, facilities commonly used by West Boca residents. The two issued a joint press release that included the following:

“We are pleased that this agreement provides Cigna customers access to our entire network of quality healthcare services,” said Clint Hailey, chief managed care officer at Tenet Healthcare. … “This agreement provides multi-year coverage stability for their customers, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to improve quality outcomes and cost effectiveness.”

West Boca News had heard from at least a few Cigna customers concerned about access to care at our local hospitals. This news should reassure everyone.