West Boca Rocks the Cappies

West Boca High celebrates the Cappies evening
West Boca High celebrates the Cappies evening

Boca High and West Boca High both did well at the South Florida Cappies Gala on Tuesday evening at the Broward Center. The Cappies is an awards program for high school theatre and theatre journalism. The South Florida chapter includes 28 high schools, mostly in Broward and Palm Beach counties.
For the biggest awards of the evening, Boca High won the Musical award and Trevor Wayne won Lead Actor for their performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, while West Boca High’s Alexia Assuncao won for Lead Actress in a Musical from their show, Chicago.
Alexia Assuncao (front)
Alexia Assuncao (front)

Other local award winners included:

  • Kayla Goldfarb, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Lead Critic
  • “Brothers”, Boca High, Ensemble in a Musical
  • Lee Alhanti, Marjory Stoneman, Creativity (Shrek)
  • Bridget Foley, Marjory Stoneman, Comic Actress in a Musical
  • Adams, Posner, Chapman and Guin, Boca High, Lighting
  • Kanterman, Morelli, Stricker and Crew, West Boca, Stage Management and Stage Crew
  • Samuel Cadieux, West Boca, Male Dancer
  • John Barnitt, Marjory Stoneman, Featured Actor in a Musical
  • Ryan Lim from West Boca for Male Vocalist

Ryan Lim
Ryan Lim

We previously wrote about the two Boca schools splitting 29 nominations.
Schools in the greater Boca area that participate include Boca High, Deerfield Beach High, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High (Parkland), North Broward Prep (Coconut Creek), Saint John Paul II High (on Military Trail near Lynn University), and West Boca High.
West Boca High celebrated their evening:

Review: Carrie by Slow Burn Theatre

Slow Burn Theatre’s Carrie production is one that threatens to outdo both the movie and novel versions. This showing combines comical elements into a horrifying plot, providing something rarely seen in the world of theatre.
The story revolves around a high school misfit named Carrie White, a.k.a. Scary White, who struggles with being bullied at school, with her overly religious mother, and with her inner, deadly power. Despite warnings, Carrie gets invited to prom where, thanks to her power, she is to be bullied for the very last time.
This classic is further brought to life with over twenty songs, suggestive humor, and stunning acting. Behind each song is a powerful band and extremely talented lighting and set design that brings you in to the story.
One thing this author particularly enjoyed was character development of the supporting cast in the background, even when they aren’t the main stars on stage. When watching the show, make sure you look at what everyone else is doing, besides the main characters. For example, during a dance at prom, one person in the background is slow dancing with someone while typing on a phone over their partner’s shoulder. The musical is full of scenes like these that add comedy and make it even more enjoyable.
The recurring theme behind Carrie is a night we’ll never forget, something that comes true as prom night draws in closer in the story.
Shows are Thursday through Sunday until November 2nd, at the West Boca High School auditorium.

Slow Burn Theatre Does High Fidelity

Slow Burn Theatre Company will perform the musical High Fidelity starting June 13th.
BobbyJEBobby Johnston takes on the lead role as Rob, a record shop owner who faces challenges in his love life and his world view.
Consistent with Slow Burn’s tendency to challenge audiences, the musical performance will likely stay closer to the book than the film. That means it will feature original music from the Broadway show in the style of classic rock, but not classic rock hits. The lyrics received a lot of positive reviews.
We’ve been to several Slow Burn shows. Their audience is growing and we recommend buying your tickets early. We have a hunch this will be their most popular show yet.
Slow Burn performances are at the West Boca High School auditorium, Fridays & Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2PM. The show runs from June 13th to the 29th.