Shadowood Adding Walgreens Outbuilding

Shadowood Plaza, on the northeast corner of Glades and 441, has blocked off a huge section of the parking lot on the Glades Road side. With a little research we determined that they’re building a new “outbuilding” in the parking lot, close to Glades in front of where the Walgreens is now, and the building will house a new and larger Walgreens.
Here’s a part of the site plan from Shadowood property manager Terranova. The future outbuilding is highlighted by a yellow rectangle around it at the bottom of the image.
And here’s a close-up showing that portion of the picture, along with the current Walgreens. The blue arrow points to the text showing that they intend to open this new Walgreens in 2015. The yellow arrows point to the square footage of the new and old spaces, showing that the new one will have an additional 3500 square feet. That’s a 27% increase in size.
It looks like the Shadowood parking lot will be getting a little crowded come 2015.