Walmart Opening Soon at 441 and Palmetto Park

We were driving by the incoming Walmart today and noticed signs were up. So, unlike the Cadillac in front of us, we made a safe U-turn and then we drove into the parking lot and took a look around.
If you like video, here’s a quick summary. Extra photos and comments are below.

The parking lot has quite a few cars in it and there’s a flurry of work going on to get the store ready. Here’s the front of the main store entrance:
And here’s an angled shot from the southern end looking toward Lowe’s in the background:
Last, here’s a picture showing the sign (red arrow points to it) on the southwest corner of 441 and Palmetto Park Road.
We previously spoke to the store manager, David Bonutti when we wrote about the Walmart temporary hiring center. He then said they hoped to open about six weeks after they moved onto the property. We think they got in yesterday, August 4th. So that suggests they’ll be open for business in mid-September.
The driveways are open on both Palmetto Park across from Lowe’s, and on 441 just south of Palmetto Park. Getting in the parking lot looks easy. Getting out is fine if you’re going east or north. If you want to go west or south, it’s going to be more of a hassle getting out of the 441 exit, depending on traffic.

West Boca Walmart Hiring Center

We stopped by the temporary Walmart Hiring Center today. We had the pleasure of meeting David Bonutti, who will be managing the reopening West Boca Walmart.

The temporary hiring center is in Somerset Shoppes between a Day Spa and a medical imaging facility, and close to Michael’s.
Bonutti was hopeful that they will be moving into the store at Palmetto Park and 441 in early August. They are aiming for the 4th but it’s still up in the air.
Once they’re in, they expect to open the store six weeks later. That means mid to late September. For now those looking for work can visit the temporary hiring center.

Bonutti seemed upbeat and friendly. That’s a good sign.

West Boca Walmart Hiring Center Open

We’ve been advised that has opened a temporary hiring center at 8903 Glades Road, #A-14 in the Somerset Shopping Center. It’s a roughly 2600 square foot space north of the Michael’s. The best entrances are probably the two on Lyons Road.

Walmart will hire around three hundred associates to work at the new West Boca Walmart slated to open late this summer in Boca Raton.
Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. Interested applicants may also apply online at
Through Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, the company will offer a job to any qualified veteran who has been honorably discharged within the past 12 months.* Interested veterans may find out more at
According to store manager David Bonutti, the store will be hiring both full- and part-time associates. “We are excited to return to this area of Boca Raton, bring approximately 300 jobs to the community and expand our offerings to better serve our customers,” said Bonutti.
Walmart provides a benefits program to eligible full- and part-time associatesm including health-care coverage, matching 401(k) contributions, discounts, company stock purchase program and life insurance, along with performance incentives.
Most associates will start in August to prepare the store for its grand opening in late summer.
*Veterans must be within 12 months of active duty and meet Walmart’s standard hiring criteria.

Walmart Hiring for West Boca Store

We just checked and Walmart’s Online Hiring Center now shows job opportunities for the soon-to-open West Boca Walmart.
There are a variety of classes of jobs you can apply for, including professional, hourly, management and more:
Most of the jobs are in the hourly category, and there’s a long list of jobs in that group:
Some of the jobs have video previews for them, such as this one for stocker:

We have reached out to Walmart to find out if there will be an actual hiring center on site where people can go in and apply, and if there’s a planned opening date. We’ll see if they respond.
The West Boca Walmart will reopen on the southeast corner of Palmetto Park and 441, sometime in September we think.

Projects Making Progress: Walmart, Walgreens and Westwinds

We’re seeing a lot of progress being made on projects going on in West Boca. For details on these and others see our previous post, What’s Going On At …?
Above you can see that they’ve started erecting the new Walgreens outbuilding in Shadowood. This photo was taken from the sidewalk on Glades Road, and the existing Walgreens is in the background at far left.

Across the street they’re doing a lot of work on the northwest corner of Westwinds of Boca (aka the Home Depot plaza) close to the Glades & 441 intersection. You can see some of the work in our cheesy 33-second video below.

Below is a panorama shot of the scene with Home Depot behind the camera and 441 in the background. In the distance the Glades/441 intersection is to the right and the entrance by the AT&T store and Chipotle is to the left.
Here’s another shot of that looking more towards the north and Shadowood:
And here’s our last shot, taken from over by the AT&T and Chipotle entrance, looking north. It appears they’re preserving some of the lake that was there before.

Finally they’re getting more done on the Walmart at Palmetto Park & 441. The door is on the front of the store close to Palmetto.
Here’s a panorama shot looking from the Palmetto entrance. We’ve tried other angles but it’s hard to get a good picture from any other spot.
And we also noticed they’re starting some kind of landscaping work. We saw this around the border of the property, outside the fence: