Pot Shipped to Apartment 420

We have 18 incidents to cover in our latest crime report. For the above four, three are DUI and one is fleeing police at high speed. Then we have three involving drugs, several batteries, and assorted others including a weapon.

Cara Smiley, Jacob Stoppelman, Julie Stabler and Dareese Gutierrez

Cara Smiley (27) faces felony DUI charges. The resident of the River Oaks villas (SW 18th at Lyons) is accused of a hit and run crash in West Palm Beach. According to the report Smiley hit a bicyclist at night and continued driving away. The bicyclist suffered possible broken ribs and a possible broken leg.

Smiley called police to let her know where she was and they came to her location, not far from the incident. She said the bicycle struck her vehicle which fits the dents deputies described in her front passenger door. She had medical issues on the scene including notably high blood pressure. She refused a blood draw. It’s unclear why police failed to take her to a hospital.

Seems like she has a good chance of winning this one. We see no prior criminal history for this FAU grad.

24-year-old Jacob Stoppelman of Woodfield Country Club was arrested in Palm Beach Gardens after admitted he caused a crash and admitted he drank two beers several hours earlier. He refused a breath test. The arrest paperwork is thin on other details. We see no criminal history.

By contrast Julie Stabler (36) has a significant history including felony and misdemeanor arrests in 2018 and earlier cases in 2010. In her latest escapade she was found sleeping in her car around 2 in the afternoon in a stranger’s driveway in East Boca. When she stepped out of the car to get medical attention, the arresting officer noticed a crack pipe on the driver’s seat.

When dispatch ran her name they found an active warrant in Broward for grand theft along with fleeing and eluding. So she has a few problems. On the bright side it might be tough to prove a DUI case against her since they can’t establish when she was driving. On the other hand the DUI laws are stacked against drivers, and she’s facing several other charges in two counties.

Dareese Gutierrez has appeared in two recent reports, one from the end of February and another from mid-February. This time he faces a felony charge for fleeing police at high speed. It started with police observing a few young males behaving in a suspicious manner in the Hidden Valley area of West Boca. Police suspected they were looking for cars to burglarize. Before anything like that happened a sliver Acura picked them all up. Police followed, observed a few traffic violations, and attempted to stop the vehicle when it drove off at high speed.

Police were able to maintain contact with the car without engaging in a dangerous high speed chase and were eventually able to make a stop. Gutierrez was in the drivers seat so he was charged. At this writing he’s still in jail but bond is only $5000, so there’s a good chance he’ll be out soon and coming to your neighborhood.

Steven Manko, Ashney Cajuste, Jamill Riquelme, and Michael Finazzo

We covered the Manko family in a recent crime report. Steven Manko’s wife and daughter were arrested before on patient brokering fraud charges in the ongoing sober home crime task force investigations, and he has now been arrested. Please see our previous article for the details.

Ashney Cajuste and Jamill Riquelme were arrested by PBSO after a suspicious package was detected en route to a Cajuste’s home in Tudor Woods (Winikoff just east of Loggers’ Run). The report indicates postal inspectors at the facility behind Loggers’ Run Plaza flagged the parcel and PBSO watched the delivery.

Cajuste (28) took the package and then left it on the porch. Riquelme (30) drove up, took it off the porch, and started to drive away when deputies stopped him. Riquelme lives in River Oaks near Ms. Smiley.

Cajuste was convicted of four felonies in 2009 including burglary and robbery with a weapon, and was sentenced to 7 years, doing 4 of those in state prison. Riquelme was charged with felonies in 2010, but we see no other criminal history for him.

Michael Finazzo’s latest arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to sell is not in the court database yet. This one is by Boca PD. The 24-year-old was previously arrested in November for drugs in Delray Beach. Finazzo’s latest address is in the Oaks of Boca neighborhood near Boca Regional Hospital.

Robert Silva, Alain Pierre, Daniel Bachert and Naithan Arroyo

Robert Silva (37) faces battery charges for hitting his father. The charges are amplified to a felony because of a charge witness tampering. Silva tried to prevent his father from calling 911. The incident took place in the Dorset subdivision of Century Village.

Silva is lucky in a sense. The deputy described the father as “elderly” but did not charge him with a felony for battery on a senior. Apparently the father is not 65 yet. We do not see much history for Silva, if any.

A casual look at the Alain Pierre (28) case would have you thinking it’s a case of resisting arrest alone. Those always seem odd because if he was being arrested for something else you’d expect there to be another charge.

The story is that he and a friend were sitting in a car in Sandalfoot Cove near SW 3rd and SW 65th when a deputy approached the vehicle. It appears that the friend was smoking marijuana. As the deputy got the friend out of the car, Pierre ran away from the scene. The deputy yelled at him to stop, but he did not, so that counts as a form of resisting.

On the downside for Pierre, the police report says is on probation for attempting to obstruct a crime investigation in Broward, so he will probably get “violated” for at least being around marijuana and might see some jail time. Oddly we do not see that case in the Broward court database. We do see a 2014 felony charge for robbery with a firearm, which was dropped by prosecutors.

Daniel Bachert (25) was making customers uncomfortable at Louie Bossi on Palmetto Park Road in East Boca. He was ordered off the property – a trespass warning – by the manager in the presence of Boca PD. 12 minutes later he came back on the property and was arrested for trespassing.

Bachert has a mostly clean criminal history with some traffic tickets and a minor marijuana case from 2012.

Naithan Arroyo (31) faces some substantial felony drugs and firearms charges. Yet again postal inspectors flagged a suspicious package – and cute detail – it was addressed to Arroyo in apartment 420 of his building near Boca Regional Hospital. PBSO obtained a search warrant based on a dog sniff of the outside of the package (flimsy 4th amendment stuff but some judges will let that pass).

The police description is a bit confusing. At one point it says the package was shipped FROM Apt. 421 but then says it was shipped from NJ to Apt. 420. These details may create more problems for prosecutors trying to defend the warrant on 4th Amendment grounds.

Once they entered Arroyo’s apartment (actually 421) they found 1.3 kg of marijuana, 35 alprazolam (Xanax) pills, half a gram of cocaine, and two .45 caliber handguns.

Arroyo walked in during the search and admitted to way too much. The biggest charge is possession of a firearm during a felony.

Top: Amos Pullum, Birgit Pedra-Korman

Bottom: Isaac Hadid, Linda Dascalu

20-year-old Amos Pullum is distinguishing himself and not in a good way. In his latest incident the East Boca resident attacked a man in what may have been a staged crash at or near the West Delray Park by 441 and Atlantic.

One individual crashed a scooter into the victim’s Range Rover, who stepped out to help him and was then blindsided by Pullum. The victim is a resident of Seven Bridges.

Pullum was convicted last year on felony charges including drug possession and illegally carrying a concealed firearm, yet somehow was sentenced to only 1 day in jail on that case. And that was after his 2017 conviction on felony drug charges.

Birgit Pedra Korman (38) lives in the L’Ambiance neighborhood near Verde Elementary. During an argument with her soon-to-be ex-husband she grabbed a spoon out of his mouth while he was eating. This apparently caused a cut in his lip and he called Boca PD. We see no criminal history for her.

57-year-old Isaac Hadid of Boca Ridge (near the Glades Road Library) attacked his girlfriend’s 16-year-old son, held him down, threatened him with a knife and later with a shotgun.

Hadid had previous charges for misdemeanor batter in 2018 and felony battery by strangulation in 2017. He also got a parking ticket for parking in a handicap spot in 2018. For the latest charges he was released on $90,000 bond, but does not appear to have hired an attorney yet.

Linda Dascalu (39) was arrested for hitting her boyfriend along with a felony for trying to stop him from calling 911. All of this came about after an argument about whether he was cheating on her. There don’t seem to be a lot of cooperative witnesses so this might get tossed. We see no criminal history for her.

Sindy Colindrez (43) was being taken into custody on a Baker Act proceeding when she spit in the face of one of the Boca PD officers. That got her a felony battery on a law enforcement officer charge. She had a previous domestic battery and assault case in 2010 that was dropped.

Author: Warren Redlich

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