Boca Isles 2019 Homes Sold

We keep seeing good numbers for 2019. There were 53 closed transactions in Boca Isles for 2019 with prices up compared to the previous year. 27 of the sales were in Boca Isles South with 26 in Boca Isles North.

Three homes sold for over $700,000. At the top was 10897 Bal Harbor Drive, a 5-bedroom in Boca Isles South with 3400 square feet, closed at $740,000.

Two homes sold for under $400,000, both 2700 square foot models in Boca Isles North. 10564 Maple Chase Drive was the bottom at $365,000. Bank-owned 19162 Cloister Lake Lane sold for $391,000.

Seven homes sold for $450,000 or less and including those a total of 15 deals closed under $500,000. The median price was $540,000 with two homes selling at that price, each with just under 2700 square feet. Media in Boca Isles South was $535,000 while it was slightly higher in Boca Isles North at $542,500.

For comparison, in 2018 three homes sold under $400,000 and the median price for all of Boca Isles was $525,000, $15,000 less than 2019.

Currently there are 19 homes listed for sale in Boca Isles with 9 in Boca Isles North and 10 in Boca Isles South. The lowest listing price is $499,000 and the highest is $679,000.

Seven homes are in pending, backup or contingent status. Three of those have low list prices from $360K to $439K. The lowest is a short sale and another one is bank-owned. The highest pending price is $725,000 for 12939 Redberry Court.

Author: Warren Redlich

Warren Redlich is a real estate agent and an attorney. He focuses on selling homes in West Boca Raton. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645. Warren is also a tech YouTuber covering Tesla, SpaceX and more. His YouTube channel is and he sells Elon Musk related t-shirts and other merchadise at Warren also publishes videos about politics at