"Armed" Robbery at Chipotle

The Sun-Sentinel reports that a couple men robbed the Chipotle restaurant in the Westwinds of Boca plaza (Glades & 441).
We would call it a genuine armed robbery but they apparently used plastic guns. Regardless this must have been terrifying for the employees, who were threatened and locked in the freezer. And it appears they have been charged with armed robbery.
One of the men accused is Junior Arteaga of East Boca.


West Boca Press: Fair DUI Launch a Success

For Immediate Release
Contact: Warren Redlich, West Boca Press
P: 888-733-5299
E: wredlich@gmail.com
Successful Launch of Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD
Boca Raton, FL [July 10, 2013] – West Boca Press is pleased to announce the successful launch of its first book. First-time author Warren Redlich’s Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD has been listed on Amazon as a “Hot New Release,” and made the bestseller list in two categories.
Written for anyone who ever drives after one drink or more, Fair DUI offers advice on how to protect yourself from the dangers of a DUI arrest. It starts with practical strategies to avoid drinking and driving in the first place: “If your plan relies on making good decisions while you’re intoxicated, it’s a crappy plan.”
Redlich, an experienced DUI trial lawyer, explains DUI arrests step-by-step from the beginning of a police encounter until the time the driver is released. He offers sound advice about what to do and what not to do, along with questions to ask when hiring a lawyer to protect your rights. He also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of some alternative strategies.
In the last chapter Redlich discusses what’s wrong with the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) punitive approach to the problem. He suggests sensible policy options that would protect the innocent and make the roads safer.
On sale during the week of July 4th, Fair DUI ranked as high as #2 in Amazon’s automotive category (#11 at this writing) and #5 in the criminal law category (#31 at this writing). With six reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars, it is the best rated book on Amazon explaining the world of drunk driving to non-lawyers.
Fair DUI is self-published and edited by Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. The cover was professionally prepared by graphic designer Michelle Blum using an original photograph.
Fair DUI is available on Kindle (list price $9.99) and in paperback ($14.99) from Amazon.

Tuesday Chamber Breakfast

I will be the speaker at this month’s chamber breakfast, talking about my new book: Fair DUI – Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD.
The event starts at 7:30 am at the Boca Greens Country Club (19642 Trophy Drive, Boca Raton, 33498). Breakfast costs $20 if you reserve ahead of time, and $25 if you just show up.
Full details and reservation information on the West Boca Chamber Events page.
Chamber events are always a good opportunity to meet people. Boca Greens puts on an excellent buffet. I promise the talk will be entertaining and informative, and I will also have books on hand for sale.
Published by West Boca Press, Fair DUI is a Hot New Release on Amazon. At this writing it is ranked #15 in the Criminal Law category, with six reviews averaging 4.5 stars out of 5.
In the book I describe practical strategies to prevent yourself from drinking and driving, handle police encounters, breath test devices and lawyers. Anyone who ever drives after just one drink should read this book. Or at least come to breakfast and listen.

West Boca Press – July 4th Sale

On sale this week from West Boca Press is the new book, Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD.
For anyone who ever drives after as little as one drink, DUI lawyer Warren Redlich offers practical strategies to avoid drinking and driving and tips for handling police encounters.
Find out more at FairDUI.org.
Warren will also be the featured speaker at the next West Boca Chamber breakfast on July 9th at Boca Greens.
Fair DUI sale