Blotter: West Boca Man Arrested in Boynton, and more

sandersWest Boca News is trying something new, for us: A blotter, reporting arrests for the past week of West Boca residents. It should be noted that in our country, all of them are innocent at this stage of the legal process. West Boca News supports the presumption of innocence.
First on the list, and pictured, is Joseph Sanders. Mr. Sanders was arrested on October 3rd by Boynton Beach PD, accused of selling amphetamines. He was released the next day without having to post bail. Sanders reported address is on Boca River Circle, northeast of the Glades Road Library.
grossmanNext up is Craig Grossman, whose address is reported to be in the Stonebridge community west of 441 and north of Clint Moore.
Mr. Grossman was arrested on October 1st and released four hours later on a $3000 bond. The charge is  Section 817.034 of the Florida statutes, “Fraud-Swindle” of an amount under $20,000, which we think is a 3rd degree felony (3rd being the lowest level of felonies).
We suspect, but can’t say for sure, that this is the same Craig Grossman who was sentenced to 32 months in federal prison for defrauding UPS and Federal Express back in 2002. See story in the Chicago Tribune.
callahanMark Callahan was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine and/or opiates on October 1st. It appears he is still being held in the Main Detention Center.
Mr. Callahan’s reported address is on Watergate Circle, a neighborhood of which runs between Tradewinds and SW Sandalfoot (west of 441). The street number of the address doesn’t seem to fit with our maps.
cruz-ramirezAccused of dealing in stolen property and “fraud – false statement”, Stephanie Cruz-Ramirez was arrested on October 2nd and released the next day to “SOR” which we believe is some kind of supervision. The sheriff’s blotter also indicates a bond, but it’s not clear whether that was required.
Cruz-Ramirez’ reported address is in Sandalfoot Cove (east of 441).
richardsonCassie Richardson was arrested on October 4th and released the same day on bond.
Ms. Richardson is charged with several counts of possessing controlled substances without a prescription, and one count of using or possessing drug equipment. Her reported address is on Stacey Lane, west of the Hammock Street Church between Winikoff and Palmetto.
dudaJoseph Duda was arrested on October 4th and remains in custody at this writing. He’s accused of two counts of battery, one of which indicates domestic violence by strangulation and is a 3rd degree felony.
Mr. Duda’s address is in Sandalfoot Cove, east of Lyons Road and between the Boca Dunes entrance and Hammock Pointe Elementary School.
rayoniMichael Rayoni was arrested last night on one count of battery. It appears no determination has been made yet on release or bond.
Rayoni’s reported address is just off SW Sandalfoot Blvd on 228th Lane.
kornstadtDavid Kornstadt was booked early this morning for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, without intent to kill, which is a 3rd degree felony. His reported address is on Sleepy Brook Way just south of Winikoff, across from the Boca Glades Baptist Church.
Mr. Kornstadt appears to run a business installing irrigation systems through his company, Sales Service South, Inc., though indicates the company was dissolved about a week ago.
It looks like no release determination has been made yet on his case.
We also have an update on the incident involving West Boca Teen Nicholas DeSalvo. WPTV reports that two other defendants have been charged, Christopher MacDonald and Rose Cohen. Neither showed up in the Sheriff’s blotter so we suspect they were issued appearance tickets but were not formally arrested and booked into the jail.
Here’s a test map of arrestee addresses for the past week:

Suspicious Police Activity on Glades?

20131004-135523.jpgWe aren’t sure what this was, but we observed several cars stopped on the side of Glades Road this afternoon. They included one marked sheriff car with its lights activated, and at least one that looked similar to a previously observed unmarked car. This was just west of Mission Bay Plaza on the north side of the road.
Maybe they’re planning a crackdown on the school speed zone?



West Boca Electrician Charged With Another Harassment Violation

Two weeks ago, Ahmad Dastjerdi, 52, was arrested for harassment and threats to his neighbors in West Boca, according the Sun Sentinel.
Dastjerdi is an electrician who now lives in East Boca.
He worked for Cert Electrical and Remote Electric Inc.
The man who allegedly describes himself as a “terrorist” has had several arrests prior to this one.
According to Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement, Dastjerdi was charged for marijuana possession and a traffic offense in 1988 and a former arrest for cyber stalking and aggravated harassment in 2005.
This was not the first incident where he was caught pestering and sending violent threats.
Before living in Boca Raton, Dastjerdi lived in Oakland Park, FL from 2005 to 2010.
The court hearing was last Wednesday.

Boca Winds Teen Arrested – Arson


West Boca teenager Nicholas “Nick” DeSalvo was arrested yesterday on six counts of arson, along with two other minor charges after being caught on a home security camera and monitor system. As of this writing it appears he is being held and has not seen a judge yet for a bail determination. He will have to wait for a court date to see if he will be charged with a misdemeanor (criminal mischief or destruction of property) or a felony as arson can both depending on the jurisdiction as well as the charges. If you find yourself awaiting court as something like this has happened to you, you might be interested in someone like this philadelphia criminal lawyer that might be able to help you with your case.
Our research suggests that Nick is the son of Rob and Valerie DeSalvo of the Boca Winds development and Practical Marketing Inc. Nick may have an interest in computer programming.
Nick has been 18 for about a month. We are guessing he’s a high school senior. It is unclear whether the alleged arsons took place before his 18th birthday and whether that might affect youthful offender treatment. And of course under the law he is innocent at this point.
West Boca News extends our best wishes to the DeSalvo family. We hope their neighbors and friends will support them through this difficult time.

Home Invasion in Central Boca

boca-del-mar-home-invasionCBS 12 reports that there was a home invasion in what they refer to as West Boca. The incident occurred east of the Turnpike.
Two armed men allegedly forced their way into a home. The victim was home alone and heard a noise. The suspects forced her inside and robbed her.
The reported descriptions indicate two black males in their late 20s and between 5’8″ and six feet tall.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS (800-458-8477).
By the way, at West Boca News we consider the area generally between the Turnpike and I-95 as Central Boca, not West Boca. This incident occurred southwest of the intersection of Palmetto and Powerline. The yellow arrow in the picture below points to the approximate location.