Arrest Week – Quite a Blend

It was a mixed bag of arrests this week in West Boca with no real pattern. First up in notoriety is Dr. William Marrocco (above left, age 55), who is accused of being involved with others practicing medicine without licenses. See the Sun-Sentinel article for details of this investigation, most of which appears to have been in West Palm Beach. His reported address is arguably in West Boca, between Powerline and St. Andrews, south of Glades.
We don’t know the full story, but we suspect it may be difficult to prove anything against Dr. Marrocco and he may well be innocent. Also, research suggests that he may have been associated in the past with Cenegenics of Boca Raton, but we can’t tell for sure.
Next up, in a case that got some publicity, Alexandra Westover (above right, 21) was charged with making a false report and perjury. Various media reports suggest that she contacted police about an alleged sexual assault in order to create an excuse for being late to work. Our research on her background was not definitive but she may be a Spanish River High graduate and a current or former student of USC. Her reported address is in Newport Bay in the northeast corner of West Boca, and we see no prior criminal history.
The next pair seem to be better at smiling for mugshots. Joseph Kane (above left, 44) is accused of battery on a victim over 65 years of age. His reported address is near SW 18th (Marina) between 441 and Lyons. Per court records the battery took place back in October. They show several cases for him dating back to 2004.
Kenneth Mack (above right, 54) was charged with violating a county ordinance. Court records indicate it’s for public possession of alcohol within 500 feet of a school. The timing seems to fit with reports we heard of some arrests Friday near the northwest corner of Glades and Lyons Road. He was charged a similar offense last year, and with domestic violence back in 2007 and 2009. His reported address is in the Timbers of Boca.
There were two DUI arrests in recent days. Marla Shrem (above left, 53) was arrested Thursday night by Boca city police. Their blotter indicates the arrest resulted from a crash investigation, with breath results of .131 and .128. These are fairly low numbers considering the unreliability of breath testing devices. Her reported address is in Boca Isles South.
Alisa Johnson (right, 42) was arrested for DUI late Friday or early Saturday by Lantana police. Her reported address is in the Emerald Bay Club apartments near 441 and SW 18th (Marina). There’s a chance she’s from Riviera Beach, but it’s only a guess.
Craig Mastrony (above left, 30) was arrested by Delray Beach police on Wednesday on a warrant from another county. It may have been related to a case in Broward where he was sentenced to probation, but that’s unclear because the Broward court system reports that case as “disposed” and we don’t see any warrant in the public FDLE database. We see another report of an October arrest in Broward but that one doesn’t seem to show up in their court records. His reported address is not far from Mr. Kane, near SW 18th and a little closer to Lyons.
Alexandra Coates (center, 46) was arrested Wednesday for grand and petit theft. Her reported address is in Boca Winds, and she may have moved here recently from New Jersey. Depending on the circumstances, such theft charges are often difficult to prove.
Last in our report, Galen Kinsey (right, 25) of the Lago Del Mar apartments was arrested Thursday on a drug equipment possession charge and a probation violation. Court records for Palm Beach show a 2012 felony that was resolved with pre-trial diversion. Broward records show a few cases including two disposed with probation. One of the previous cases also involved drugs.
As always, those arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

Author: Warren Redlich

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