Dina Keever at Boca Tea Party

State Attorney candidate Dina Keever spoke tonight to the Boca Tea Party at Boca Greens.

Keever is the GOP nominee. Her opponent is Democrat Dave Aronberg. Aronberg has been criticized heavily by the Palm Beach Post for actions that seem a bit corrupt. Because of that we have already endorsed Keever.
State Attorney is the county prosecutor.
“Should be a prosecutor, not a politician.”
This references the widespread perception that Aronberg is more of a politician than a prosecutor or trial lawyer.
Experience – problems come from poor judgment and bad ethics. Keever worked “in the trenches” in Miami fighting drug cartels. Reputation as a hard charging prosecutor.
Worked as a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia. She also worked on economic crimes and public corruption.
Moved back here in 2008. Has seen a lot of issues with corruption in the county.
“We cannot have a state attorney who is a puppet of a political machine.”
Asked about saving money in the office budget, Keever said she would work with other prosecutors (US Attorney and statewide agencies) to better share the load. She doesn’t care who gets the credit.

Voter Registration Drive Saturday

The Obama campaign is doing a voter registration drive at the West Boca library on Glades at 95th Street.
The event runs from 10 am to 4 pm.
While their stated purpose is to reelect the president, we hope they won’t Acorn the ones that fill out the forms as Republican.
Details on the Obama website. There’s another event from 10-1 to canvass undecided voters. link


Primary Voting Tuesday August 14th

There are a number of party primary and non-partisan elections tomorrow. Please make sure you vote. Even if you are not registered in a party, you can vote in the non-partisan elections.
Here are some helpful links:
Polling Places
West Boca Precincts start around precinct 5108 and a big group starts at 5128.
Sample Ballot
Key races for everyone include several judgeships. Both Timothy McCarthy (Circuit Court Group 2) and Peter Evans (County Court Group 4) had some fairly negative ratings from the Palm Beach County Bar Association. Some would say that’s a good reason for voting someone else in.
We’ve discussed the Property Appraiser race in the last few weeks.
For Republicans, the most prominent primary is the US Senate race. Connie Mack has shown himself to be a real reformer in his stint in the House. One big concern is auditing the Federal Reserve and Mack is on board. His main opponent, Dave Weldon, talks about entitlement reform but in his time in the House he voted for many of the programs that are devastating the federal budget now. We’ve seen a lot of nasty negative advertising against Mack and it looks like dirty politics. I met Weldon recently and he seems like a good guy but it’s not clear if there’s any substance.
Also for the GOP, Melanie Peterson and Geoff Sommers square off in a primary. Two good people. Sommers appears to have better fundraising. Peterson is stronger on substance. Peterson has also been targeted for nasty negative mailings which are formatted an awful lot like the mailings coming from Sommers. One has to wonder if Sommers is playing games, but he is a personable guy. Peterson also responded to our West Boca questions. Sommers did not.
On the Democrat side, incumbent Steve Perman faces a primary from Kevin Rader. Perman is a pleasant guy we see a lot in West Boca. He did respond to one of our West Boca questions. Rader has not responded to us, and we have yet to see him anywhere. The winner will face James Ryan O’Hara in the general election in November.

Americans for Prosperity in Boca – August 18th

Political group Americans for Prosperity will have a grand opening of their new Boca Raton Action Center on August 18th. Doors open 10 am with program starting at 11. Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live will be there along with other speakers.
It’s at 3200 N. Federal Highway, Suite 215. They will serve coffee and bagels.
AFP has a Five for Florida agenda.
RSVP to [email protected].