Boca Chase 2019 Homes Sold

Home prices were flat to up slightly in Boca Chase in 2019. Prices were flat in the western section with some promising signs including a $500,000 sale. Prices were generally higher in the eastern section of Boca Chase in the regular single family homes, townhomes, and the 55+ communities.

18359 Coral Isles Drive sold for $500,000.

Boca Chase is a complicated development with a mix of single family homes, townhomes and a variety of 55+ subdivisions as well. What we call Boca Chase West is all single family homes on the west end of the development.

Boca Chase West saw 28 homes sold in 2019 with prices from $288,500 (bank-owned) to $500,000 for 18359 Coral Isles Drive (4 bed, 2700 square feet). The median price was $380,000 with three homes at that price and one at $381,000:

  • 18329 Fresh Lake Way, 2700 sq. ft. 3 bedroom with a second floor
  • 11268 Coral Key Drive, 1900 sq. ft. 3 bedroom
  • 18018 Clear Brook Circle, 1900 sq. ft. 3 bedroom
  • 18242 Blue Lake Way, 1900 sq. ft. 3 bed room

In 2018 25 homes sold, two for under $300,000 ($265K and $285K). The top price was $459,000 and the median was $382,000 for a 1900 sq.ft. 3 bedroom home. So overall the pricing in Boca Chase West seems a little higher on the low and high ends, but flat in the middle.

There are four homes listed at this writing from $370K to $449K, all on Clear Brook Circle in Coral Bay.

Six homes are in pending, backup or contingent status, with list prices from $350K to $440K.

Boca Chase East

19 single family homes sold for $323K to $442K. The median price was $395K for 10656 Oak Lake Way with 1900 square feet and 4 bedrooms.

18360 103rd Trail S in Bentbrook sold for $442,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths in 2300 square feet.

This compares to 17 sold in 2018 priced from $290,000 to $430,000 with a median of $375K. So prices were up significantly at the low end, middle and high end.

There are three active single family listings in Boca Chase East now priced from $395,000 (Hidden Lake) to $499,000 (Bentbrook).

Six townhomes sold in 2019 from $269K to $319K, most with 1650 square feet. Only one sold in 2018 for $278K. None are listed at the moment. One is in backup with a list price of $312K.

Active Adult

In the 55+ communities 44 homes sold with prices from $155,000 (two units) to $333,500 for a 1900 square foot villa on Ladypalm Lane. 13 of the 44 sales were under $200K. A total of 18 deals were for $250K or higher. Median was $231,500.

In 2018 there were 48 transactions with two homes selling below $150,000 and a high price of $270,000. Median was $220K. So again we’re seeing prices up at all levels.

There are 11 homes listed for sale from $235,000 up to $315,000, and two listings are in pending or backup status.

Boca Chase Homes 2018 First Half

Boca Chase entrance; image by Google.

Have you been looking into Lynchburg real estate agents? Wanting to relocate and buy your dream house? Well, this could be the perfect place for you. Boca Chase includes two areas of single family homes to the west and east along with some 55+ senior communities in the middle.

Western Boca Chase

Thirteen single family homes sold in the western part of Boca Chase with prices ranging from a high of nearly $460,000 down to $265,000. This section of Boca Chase has less reported crime, perhaps because it’s further back or maybe criminals fear getting trapped in a place with only one way out. It’s one of the safest non-gated communities in West Boca and offers some great bargains for buyers.

The western section of Boca Chase with single family homes. Image and map data by Google and MLS service.

Two somewhat larger houses sold for $450K or more. 11061 Lakeaire Circle in Impressions III closed at $459,000 with four bedrooms in 2700 square feet. The house was fully renovated with some nice features in the kitchen including a deep sink and a wine refrigerator. Selling at $450,000 even was Coral Bay’s 18116 Blue Lake Way, also a four bedroom with an extra full bath in 2800 square feet. This one had fewer updates but a waterfront lot.

11061 Lakeaire Circle; image by Google.

A total of five homes sold in Impressions I, with three-bedroom 21421 Millbrook Court selling for the most at $415,000. That house took over 7 months to sell but the patient seller was rewarded with a good price for only 2100 square feet.

The low end prices were both in the Impressions subdivisions. At bottom was 21271 Sawmill Court, a foreclosed bank-owned 1900 square foot 3-bedroom that needs some work. Also below $300,000 was 11225 Jasmine Hill Circle, a 3-bedroom with 1700 square feet with a barebones listing from a Miami realtor indicating that the house needs TLC and upgrades.

Other than those two troubled homes, the floor in the western part of Boca Chase seems to be around $350,000. 21230 Sawmill Court sold for $350,900 with only two bedrooms in 1700 square feet. It did have some nice remodeling.

Eastern Boca Chase

The eastern section of Boca Chase is mostly single family homes with a small section of townhomes, though no townhomes sold in the first half of 2018.

The eastern part of Boca Chase. Image and map data by Google and MLS service.

Only one home sold over the $400K mark, 18484 102nd Way S in Bentbrook. It’s a four bedroom with 2300 square feet and it sold in just three days. The house is in an odd location, backed up the Florence Fuller center.

18484 102nd Way S; image by Google.

A few homes sold in the upper 300s. 10173 182nd Court S in Barrington went for $390,000 with four bedrooms in 2000 square feet. That house had extensive remodeling with some nice finishes, though the black kitchen appliances may have clashed for some buyers. It took three months to sell.

Two more of those homes sold in Bentbrook. 10331 186th Court S ($381,150, 3 beds, 2500 sq.ft.) and 10377 185th Street S ($380,000, 4 beds, 2300 sq.ft.).

The lower end held up better than in western Boca Chase with two smaller 1400 square foot houses in Hidden Lake selling for $318,000 and $310,000. Nothing sold below $310K, but there were no REO or short sale transactions.

Boca Vista

We include Boca Vista in our Boca Chase report. It’s a small gated community of thirty homes. 10184 Boca Vista Drive sold for $385,000 with three bedrooms in 2000 square feet.

Boca Chase 55+

Twenty homes sold in the senior parts of Boca Chase with prices from $164,000 to $265,000.

Map showing senior community area of Boca Chase; image and map data by Google and MLS.

The top prices for these active adult communities were in Greenbriar and Sweetwater. 10537 Greenbriar Court was the highest at $265,000 for the three bedroom with 1800 square feet. 10981 Lakemore Lane A in Sweetwater sold for $260,000 with two bedrooms in 1550 square feet. Nothing in these two communities sold for less than $205,000, with a total of thirteen sales.

Waterberry peaked at $195,000 for 10863 Waterberry, a two bedroom with 1400 square feet. Seven units sold with the bottom being two 1400 square foot villas at $164,000 and $165,000.

Boca Chase Home Prices Rise

Boca Chase entrance on US-441; image by Google.

The average home sale price in Boca Chase rose to over $341,000 for 2017. Prices ranged from the low $200s in Greenbriar to the mid $400s in the various Corals and Impressions on the west end of Boca Chase Drive. The average price is somewhat misleading as it includes the 55+ communities of Greenbriar and Waterberry, which sell for less. Removing those raises the average to $380,000.
Nearly sixty single family homes sold for the year. The lowest price was an even $200,000 for a 1400 square foot 2-bedroom in Greenbriar at 18075 102nd S Way. A total of twenty homes sold under $300,000. Twenty-eight houses sold for prices between $310,000 and $398,000.
18075 102nd S Way sold for $200,000; image by Google.

At the high end for the 55+ homes, 18108 102nd Way South sold for $310,000. The cul de sac house has 1700 square feet.
Outside the 55+ homes, only two houses sold for less than $300,000 and one of those was an REO home coming out of foreclosure, while the other was 400 square feet smaller than most of the others. These houses averaged $170 per square foot. Sales happened in an average of 6 weeks or less.
11313 Coral Reef Drive sold for $460,000 in October. Image by Google.

Twelve houses sold for over $400,000, all of them with four bedrooms. Two homes broke the $450,000 level.

Venezuelan Fugitive Arrested in Boca Chase

Update: Boca Raton Police advise that the arrest began with a routine traffic stop, during which the officer discovered the warrant.

Marcos A. Da Silva Castro booking photo from PBSO

A Venezuelan man was arrested Wednesday morning in Boca Chase on a Puerto Rican warrant for a multi-million dollar fraud.
The short version of the underlying criminal case is available in English from the Associated Press, but there is much greater detail in Spanish from the Puerto Rico Department of Justice.
Da Silva Castro and a Venezuelan associate allegedly defrauded Betteroads Asphalt Corp. (subsidiary of Empresas Díaz) of $7.8 million in 2011. The DoJ indicates they formed a fake corporation and set up a false sale of 100,000 barrels of liquid asphalt (at $78/barrel) that never existed. The funds were transferred to Swiss bank accounts.
It’s not clear why it took five years but a warrant was issued for their arrest in 2016. The associate was in custody in Venezuela at the time and Da Silva Castro’s location was unknown.
The address listed on the blotter entry appears to have been rented around the time the warrants were issued. We have reached out to the police and to the Realtors associated with the rental to see if we can find out more details.
The arrest was reported in Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia.

Recent Home Sales in 33498

This article was written by a student intern from West Boca High.
Zip code 33498 is located north of Glades Road, and west of 441. Neighborhoods within this region include Mission Bay, Island Lakes, Boca Isles, Boca Greens, Saturnia, Lakes of Boca Raton, Boca Chase, and Stonebridge.
This area is near many upper level schools that can be found here, and has one of the lowest crime rates in Palm Beach County. Along with that, there are many unique attractions both nearby and within, such as South County Regional Park.
The following are home sales during the months of October and September in 33498:
In the Island Lakes gated community on the north side of Glades Road, 11850 Island Lakes Lane sold for $505,000 on October 20, 2014. The single family home has five bedrooms, three full baths, two garage spaces, and plenty of other rooms. With over 3000 sq. ft., the house was built in 1992 and has access to a backyard lake as well as a 15×30 screened pool.

We cover five zip codes. Click the following link to see all of our West Boca real estate articles.

Also in Island Lakes, this Mediterranean styled house located on 11774 Island Lakes Lane sold for $405,000 on October 17th. Build in 1991, this house contains four total bedrooms, two full baths, a two-car garage, a private pool, and access to a nearby lake. The house in total is just under 3300 sq. ft. and was last sold on April 24, 2007 for $455,000.

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Sold for $519,000 on October 16, 2014, this 2,756 sq.ft. home is located at 10792 Tea Olive Lane in Boca Isles North. The house contains four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, three garage spaces, a lakefront view, and a 30×16 pool. This house was built in 1994 and was last sold September 6, 2014 for the same price.

11818 Preservation Lane sits next to a lake in Saturnia and sold for $460,000 on October 15, 2014. With five bedrooms and three full baths in over 3300 sq.ft., it also has a screened, heated pool. This home was built in 2000, but has recently installed carpentry on the second floor and custom cabinets. This was a short sale and the house may need some work.

Located at 10873 Ravel Ct in Boca Isles South, this home was recently bought for $460,000 on October 15th. In 3,044 the new owner will find five bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a private pool, and two garage spaces. The home was built in 1993, and last sold in 2003 for $327,000.

19266 Bay Leaf Ct. in Boca Isles North sold for $475,000 on October 2nd, this 2,660 Sq. Ft home offers four bedrooms, one garage, and three full bathrooms. The home was first built in 1994.

This 2,670 square foot house in Saturnia was sold on September 30, 2014 for $499K. Located on 19525 Estuary Dr, this house has four bedrooms, three baths, a two-car garage, a pool and spa, and a garden view. The house was built in 1998, and was last sold in 2003 for $415K.

This uniquely colored, blue house was sold on September 29, 2014 for $340,000. Located at 21420 Millbrook Ct in Boca Chase, it has a total of just under 1900 square feet with two garages, three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and lake access. The home was built in 1991.

Contemporarily styled, this beautiful house in the Boca Greens Country Club was built on 19529 Sedgefield Terrace in 1998. The house was sold on September 8, 2014 for $430,000. The house has a newly paved, extra-wide driveway as well as a manicured, designer landscape. It contains four bedrooms, two full baths, a two-car garage in just under 2200 square feet, along with a private pool.