Boca Falls Real Estate: 2020 So Far

Prices are rising in Boca Falls with 18 homes sold in the first half of 2020. That’s on pace with 2018 but below 2019’s rush of deals.

Three homes sold for over $700,000 so far this year with 21713 Marigot in Crystal Pointe at the top.

21713 Marigot Drive

21713 Marigot Drive sold for $750,000. The 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath house is all on one floor with a 3 car garage. It has nearly 3500 square feet, a private pool, but no water view.

The price is $115,000 higher than its previous transaction in 2013 after a new roof and extensive remodeling. It also sold a lot quicker, in only 25 days. The 2013 listing took nearly a year to find a buyer.

21265 Rock Ridge

In the Estates subdivision, 21265 Rock Ridge Drive sold for $725,000. This one-story has 5 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths in 3800 square feet, with a private pool and a 3 car garage.

12456 Antille

The third member of the 700 Club is 12456 Antille, selling for $716,000 with 5 bedroom and 3 baths on 2 floors and over 3250 square feet. The brand new roof and gorgeous remodel definitely helped get that big price.

Overall for Boca Falls the median price of $587,000 is up nearly $20,000 from the 2019 median. The average transaction closed at over $190 per square foot.

Four homes sold in the 600 Club:

  • 21327 Falls Ridge, $695,000 for 5 bedrooms in 3800 square feet
  • 12402 Cascades Pointe, $675,000, 5 beds, 3 baths, 3250 square feet
  • 21642 Marigot Drive, $650,000, 4 beds, 3 baths, 3100 square feet
  • 21347 Gosier Way, $625,000, 4 bedrooms in 3400 square feet

For all of Boca Falls, the average transaction took 74 days. This can be misleading as some homes are taken off the market and come back on later.

The largest block was homes selling for prices over $500,000 up to $600,000.

  • 21271 Falls Ridge Way: $595,000, 5 bedrooms, 3200 square feet
  • 12731 Yardley: $588,000, 5 bedrooms, 3200 square feet
  • 21280 Rock Ridge: $585,000, 4 bedrooms, 3200 square feet
  • 21594 Halstead: $585,000, 6 bedrooms, 3850 square feet
  • 12253 Rockledge Circle: $570,000, 4 bedrooms, 2500 square feet
  • 21420 Gosier Way: $558,000, 4 bedrooms, 2700 square feet
  • 12763 Hyland Circle: $553,000, 4 bedrooms, 3350 square feet

From there it was a big drop in price to the last group of home sales. Two “normal” transactions were 12396 Clearfalls for $500,000 (4 bedrooms, 2450 square feet) and 12420 Rockledge Circle ($465,000, 4 bedrooms, 2300 square feet). In dollars per square foot that’s actually above average for the neighborhood in 2020.

There were two bank-owned homes, usually sold by the banks after foreclosure.

12660 Yardley, a 4 bedroom with 3350 square feet sold for a reasonable $466,000. This was previously transferred to the bank by a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

12337 Cascades Pointe Drive was the bottom, a small 4 bedroom selling for $399,900.

Taking those two out of the numbers would raise the average selling price about $20,000.

Boca Falls Homes Sold 2019

Nearly fifty Boca Falls homes sold in 2019, a big jump from thirty-five in 2018. Prices also improved at the high end with the top price at $765,000 for 21839 Marigot Drive in Crystal Pointe with 3800 square feet and a number of nice touches including a circular driveway.

Boca Falls is a gated community at the west end of Glades Road and Palmetto Park Road, zoned for excellent schools including Waters Edge Elementary, Loggers’ Run Middle and West Boca High.

Four other homes sold for prices near $750,000 including three in The Estates subdivision, all larger than 3600 square feet. Two homes in Majestic Pointe sold for over $700,000.

21839 Marigot Drive sold for $765,000. Circular drive

In 2018 the highest price was $735,000 and there was a big drop to the next group of three homes selling near $650,000. This illustrates this year’s big jump among the higher priced transactions – 10 homes sold in 2019 for prices over $660,000, compared to only one last year. With that said, the median price actually fell from $570,000 in 2018 to $558,000 in 2018.

Eight homes in 2018 sold for less than $500,000. In 2019 eleven homes sold for under $500,000.

Warren sold 12353 Riverfalls Court in 2019 in less than two months. If you want to get your house sold in West Boca, call or text Warren at 561-536-3645 or e-mail [email protected].

There are currently 15 homes listed for sale in Boca Falls, similar to early January 2018. Three have list prices over $700,000. 21647 Marigot Drive has the highest list price at $759,000. It has been sitting on the market for 8 months. The next house is 12456 Antille at $749,000, which appears to have been very nicely remodeled but the price may still be a bit high for a 2-floor 3250 square footer.

21327 Falls Ridge Way is the bargain of the three at $715,000 with 3800 square feet on one floor and also very nicely remodeled, but it has been on the market for five months.

The lowest price on the market now $399,900 for 12337 Cascades Pointe Drive, a small bank-owned home. One other bank-owned home is listed at $475K and the rest are priced at $540K and up.

Three homes are in pending or backup status at this writing with list prices from $605,000 up to $800,000. The big price is for 21311 Falls Ridge Way, a home that was completely rebuilt after the previous structure was ruined by a car fire in the garage.

Only 20 listings expired or canceled in 2019, a significant improvement from 33 in 2018.

Real Estate Update August 2019 – 33428

Homes are selling this summer and there are plenty more available for buyers. In this report we focus on zip code 33428 with neighborhoods including Boca Falls, Boca Winds, Loggers’ Run, Mission Bay, Palmetto Pines, Boca Springs, Boca Woods, and more.

We can’t cover every neighborhood so if we missed you please contact Warren to ask – 561-536-3645 or [email protected].

Boca Falls

Boca Falls homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

Boca Falls had 8 home sales in July with prices ranging from a low of $471,000 to a high of $690,000. The two lowest prices, both under $500K, were sales by foreclosing banks. Other than that the lowest price was $545,000.

21432 Gosier Way sold for $545,000, with 2700 square feet, four bedrooms, three baths. The home did not have many updates and has its original roof. Image by Google.
12221 Kenton Way sold for $690,000. The courtyard pool model has four bedrooms, four and a half baths in 3200 square feet, has many updates and waterfront. It appears to be the original roof.

Two homes sold in the high $600Ks. Four sold in the mid to high $500Ks.

There are currently 17 homes listed in Boca Falls – that’s more than usual – with four homes listed under $500,000 and another four listed over $700,000.

Four listings canceled in July, and there are four homes in pending or contingent status.

Boca Winds

Boca Winds homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

Boca Winds saw 8 homes sold, 4 of them in Ashley Park. Prices were: $515K, $475K, $455K, $370K, $365K, $365K, $340K, $333K

At the bottom end was $333K for 22668 Pickerel Circle (Ashley Park). The small house has 1400 sq.ft., four bedroom and two baths with some updates. The fourth bedroom is in the garage.

Best bargain may have been $365K for 22592 Middletown Drive. It has 1600 sq.ft., three bedroms and two baths, significant updates, waterfront, and the roof is only 14 years old.

Highest price was $515K for 22472 Tiki Drive, which has four bedrooms and two baths in 2000 sq.ft.

As with Boca Falls we see an increase in homes listed for sale. Fifteen are active at the moment. Six are listed under $400K. Five more are listed from $400K to $500K, and four homes are listed above $500K up to $539K.

There was only one canceled listing in July and no expired listings. It’s a good market for sellers with a lot of opportunities for buyers.

Loggers’ Run

Loggers’ Run homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

With a bit less activity for its size, Loggers’ Run had only 9 homes sold in July.

Three of the sales were Timberwalk townhomes for $259K to $280K.

For single family homes, one sold in just a few days in Country Landing I for $365K at 11420 New Village Place (three bedroom).

Two sold in Island Lakes at $535K and $545K. They’re similar, each with four bedrooms, two and a half baths and about 2500 sq.ft.

Three homes sold for over $600K, with two in Tamarron and one in Winding Lakes 3.

21502 Sweetwater Lane South sold for $677K. It has 5000 sq.ft., and five bedrooms.

22210 Woodset. Image by Google.

In Tamarron, which has large lots, 22210 Woodset sold for $670K, with 3300 sq.ft. and four bedrooms.

There’s still a lot for sale with nineteen listings. Four of those are in Timberwalk for $244K to $285K.

Two are listed in Tamarron for over $800K. Two more are listed in the high 600Ks in Winding Lakes II and III.

Two in Crystal Cove are listed at $599K each. Three are listed in Island Lakes for between $505K and $540K.

Three are listed in the low $400Ks, in Country Landings III, Cimarron, and Indian Head. Two more are listed in Country Landings III for under $400K.

Four listings were canceled and three expired in July. A ratio of seven failed listings to nine closed listings is a bad sign and indicates how important it is to hire a good real estate agent. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

Mission Bay had a surge of activity with fifteen homes sold, including thirteen single family homes.

Las Flores saw two townhomes sold for $305K and $281K, 1800 sq. ft. each.

Four single family homes sold under $400K inRegatta, Laguna, and La Costa.

20280 Hacienda Court in Cordova Estates. Image by Google.

Seven homes sold for prices between $400K and $500K. One buyer got a great deal on 20280 Hacienda Court in Cordova Estates, $480K for 2600 sq.ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bath all on one floor, with a 10 year old roof and lots of updates.

Two homes sold for $500K and up, $500K in Sonata and $535K in Regatta.

Mission Bay has eighteen homes listed for sale including three townhomes and seven listings in the Sonata subdivision.

Two in Sonata are priced over $500K. Three single family homesa are listed under $400K, with the rest listed in the $400Ks.

A large townhome in Las Flores is listed at $360K, while two smaller ones in Reflections $327K and $315K

Three listings expired in July and five canceled.

Palmetto Pines, Boca Springs and More

In the greater Palmetto Pines area, eleven single family homes sold plus three trailers and one villa.

Tudor Woods had three sales all close to $250,000.

Boca Springs had two sales at $382,000 and $390,000.

Six homes sold in the area in the $300Ks including two in Meadow Lakes Estates.

There are 31 homes listed in the area including two in Lexington Estates ($697K and $525K), six in the low $400Ks and eighteen listed in the $300Ks. Two trailers are on the market for around $180K.

Twelve listings canceled and one expired, another example where you can see the importance of hiring a good real estate agent. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645.

Boca Woods

Boca Woods had six sales close: One at $400K; two in the low $300Ks, and three more sold from $129K to $200K.

There are 26 homes listed for sale, six of them under $200K, and ten listed over $300K.

Five listings failed (canceled or expired) in July. Like many country club communities, Boca Woods remains a challenging market for sellers.

Palma Vista (between Home Depot and West Boca Medical Center) had two homes sell in July, one at $710,000 and another at $850,000. Walking access to the Jewish Federation campus is a big attraction for that neighborhood. There are no current listings in Palma Vista.

Avalon (behind Lowe’s) had no transactions in July. There is one home listed at $565K.

Boca Falls 2018 Report

The 3800 square foot 5-bedroom ranch at 21375 Falls Ridge Way (pictured above) fetched the highest price by far at $735,000.

34 homes sold in Boca Falls in 2018, with prices ranging from a high of $735,000 to a low of $422,500. There were also 33 listings that expired or canceled, making it about a 50% change that a listing will sell.

The average transaction was a 3000 square foot home selling for $560,000. Last year’s average was $586,000 for a 3200 square foot house. In dollar per square feet prices are up about 2%. Homes are taking a little longer to sell with the average at 77 days.

Continue reading “Boca Falls 2018 Report”

Boca Winds and Boca Falls Real Estate Mid-Year Report – 2018

21375 Falls Ridge in Boca Falls sold for $735,000 in February after 4 1/2 months on the market. Image by Google.

Boca Winds

Boca Winds saw 26 home sales in the first half of 2018, with 9 of those in Ashley Park and 7 in Waterways. The community continues to have a low inventory with only 10 homes on the market. There is only one home listed in Ashley Park.

Low inventory often leads to higher prices as demand outstrips supply. Boca Winds certainly saw some good prices with 22257 Vista Lago Drive getting the highest by far at $680,000.

22257 Vista Lago Drive; image by Google.

With 6 bedrooms in over 3500 square feet, the house has gorgeous lake views and significant upgrades. It was the only transaction in Carlyle Estates.

Four homes sold in the 500s with the 3600-square-foot 12672 Tucano Circle in Waterways going for $590,000. Our favorite spot in Boca Winds is Waters Edge Estates where 12613 Little Palm Lane sold for just over $550,000.

Ten homes sold in the 400s. 12641 Maypan Drive in Waterways sold for $490,000 with 5 bedrooms in 2900 square feet, while Ashley Park’s 22559 Grouper Court was purchased at $415,000. The high price in Ashley Park was 22480 Swordfish Drive at $425,000 with over 2200 square feet, a water view and even a little dock.

Nine homes sold in the 300s, most of them in Ashley Park with a couple in Regency Place. And two homes in Ashley Park went for under $300K. 22412 Sea Bass Drive took the low number at $280,000. I actually went to this for an open house. It felt even smaller than the 1300 square feet the listing reports, and the interior looks like it was never updated in 30 years.

The biggest buyer’s bargain was 12931 Elmford Lane in Regency Place, which has 1900 square feet and sold for $365,000. The house is on a cul de sac lot and has a short walk to the Hillsboro Canal and nature hikers might appreciate the easy access to the Fran Reich Preserve.

Boca Falls

There’s a bit more inventory for buyers in Boca Falls with 11 homes currently listed, though four of the subdivisions have no listings at all.

22 houses sold in Boca Falls in the first half of 2018. Prices ranged from a low of $450,000 for a small 4-bedroom in the Cascades subdivision up to $735,000 for a 3800 square foot 5-bedroom in The Estates. Of the 22 sales, 6 were priced over $600,000 with the highest prices in The Estates ($735K and $660K for the same 3800 square foot model) and Crystal Pointe ($650K each).

Twelve sales were priced in the 500s from $505,000 to $585,900. Five houses sold under $500,000 including two bank-owned foreclosures. Other than a couple of problem listings, everything sold under $550,000 was small, generally under 2800 square feet.

Six homes sold in Crystal Pointe while there was only one each in The Estates, Cascades, and Emerald Pointe, and no sales in Victoria Falls.

The seller horror story was 12700 Yardley Drive in Emerald Pointe. The house was originally listed for $619,000 in April of 2017 by a discount broker. After a price reduction to $599,000 and 6 months on the market the listing expired. The seller listed again with the same real estate agent for another four months, lowering the price a few times until the listing expired again in February. With dogged determination the seller doggedly stuck with the same agent for another listing and another series of price reductions until they got down to $529,900 and it sold 6 days later for $519,000.

12700 Yardley; image by Google

The sale price is well below what we see for similar houses. With over 3300 square feet the closing price works out to just over $150 per square foot. It’s a large house with updates throughout including marble in the bathrooms, wood floors, a media room, custom kitchen and more. We see a couple similar size homes in Boca Falls with fewer upgrades that sold quicker and for much better prices.